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  • Tipene Hughes
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hey, Jim!

    How large is the source code prior to zipping everything up? Also, can you try running the zcli apps:clean command prior to running zcli apps:validate and see if that has any effect?

  • Jim Kim

    Hi Tipene,

    The size of source code prior to zipping is around 300MB, it's node_modules that takes up almost all the size.

    zcli apps:clean didn't help in this case.

    When I run zcli apps:validate for the project root, it creates a tmp folder with a zip file in the root directory, and the zip file size is about 61.1MB.
    This returns the ERR_FR_MAX_BODY_LENGTH_EXCEEDED error.

    If I run zcli apps:validate ./dist where all the bundled files are, it creates a zip file in tmp directiory inside the dist folder, and the zip file size is about 328kb.
    This returns a plain Error with no details.

    Does the apps:validate actually try to upload the zip file? and only from the root directory?

    Also when I run apps:update dist without validation, it returns `Fails to upload app <my app name>` error, do you know if this is due to the validation error? or actually it's a separate issue?

    Thanks in advance Tipene.

  • Tipene Hughes
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hi Jim,
    It sounds like there is something going on here that is unrelated to the unzipped file size. While it is expected that zcli apps:validate would encounter errors when trying to run against the project root dir due to file size and other reasons, the error that you're seeing when running the validate command against the ./dist folder is unusual and may indicate another issue.
    I'm going to pull this in to a private ticket so we can take a look in more detail. You should see an email coming through from me shortly!

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