Outbound SMS during IVR journey?


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  • Amie

    Hey Jerry,

    Everything you described above is totally achiveable with Zendesk Talk. Effectivly when the customer calls your client's number and goes through their IVR - that IVR is just going to forward the call out to your Zendesk Talk number like a normal call. 

    From there the call will come in and it can then hit another IVR inside Zendesk which is linked to your Talk number. 

    • There is a callback option available in ZD Talk
    • You can route a ZD IVR keypress to a text back - where you can send an outbound SMS to the user. NOTE - This only works if the customer is calling from a mobile device. It will not work if they are calling from a landline. 

    You can find more info on the Text-back option for the IVR here. Note: You will also incur SMS costs from ZD Talk if you use the SMS option. 

    It's going to be pretty standard in any voice system that you'll be charged for SMS's being sent in general or from an IVR so there's probably no way around this. 

    When you do have an IVR setting like this, one other key thing is the greetings and making sure you say the right thing in the right greeting and have the greetings applied at the right spots inside the IVR setup. 

    Hope this helps. :)


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