how to set metadata in client app?

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  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi there! Could you give me a bit more information about the workflow here? Are you looking to send data from the nav bar to be immediately available in the ticket sidebar or are you trying to store this for later use? And by later, I really mean anything other than right away.

  • Karun Kamal

    Hello 이상우

    The way to transfer any data from one app location to another is by using the zafClient events.

    1. You can registered a custom event on any locations (say `ticket_sidebar`).
    2. You get the clientInstance of other location (say `nav_bar`) and then fire that custom event with data (on nav_bar zafClient). 
    3. Have the client `on` custom event handler within `nav_bar`

    Hope this helps!

  • sangwoo Lee

    Thank you for your respond
    If there is no data such as an api key when accessing ticket sidebar,
    I want to move it to Nav_app and input data.but, i think that custom event handler can't store input data.

    I try to get installation app id and store input metadata in installation object.
    But, this way has a little problem that delay time caused by asyncronized request.

    Is there any different way to store input data?


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