Satisfaction Rating Report Confusion


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  • Amie Brennan

    Hey Josh,

    Here's a recipe from the Explore Recipes list which will help you create a report to determine who the original agent was when the CSAT was assigned to the ticket. From there you should be able to build a more accurate report like you're looking for here. :)

    Hope this helps. 



  • Joshua Bentley

    Thanks, @... - that report is pretty helpful! What I'm struggling with is how to filter on the rating for a specific time period (week/year/month/etc.). It's a challenge picking which metric/attribute to report on. If I use "Date Ticket Solved" and choose last week, that only gives me results for tickets that were solved AND received a rating last week. 

    Does that make sense? 

    Is there a way to show only tickets that were rated last week (or whichever time period I need)?

  • Joshua Bentley

    @... or anyone: Any ideas on how to show only tickets that were rated in a specified time period?

  • Ahn Letran
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey, Joshua!

    This guide could help you on this Explore recipe: Reporting on customer satisfaction by agent. There's a guide in there below that you could add a Ticket solved - date to measure by agent and by specific date.

    You could also check this surveys on the Satisfaction tab of the Zendesk Support dashboard included with all versions of Zendesk Explore. More details here Viewing your CSAT (customer satisfaction) score and ratings.


    Ahn L. | Customer Support Advocate

  • Joshua Bentley

    Thank you, @... and @...! I think I have what I need for now. There is no current metric or attribute for rating date so I'm sticking with the standard ticket solved date.


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