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  • Arno (EMEA Partner)

    I am studying the same problem. Zendesk Guide site includes CookieBOT, and unless "Statistics" is accepted, only forms selection is visible, but nothing happens after selection. Accepting "Statistics" return forms page to working state. I wonder if there is a solution this?

  • Julie Friis Sørensen
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hi Arno,

     have you found asolution to this? I haven't had any luck.

  • Arno (EMEA Partner)


    These particular cases have been solved by changes on the cookie-bot side configuration. With defaults settings, Cookie-bot just seemed to decide that multiple script files should be blocked, with caused forms page and widget visibility issues. I was not able to define if script files blocked had actual relations to cookies, but I did not really do study it too carefully.

    Anyhow, in one case at least zd-buid and "hc:#:recently_visited_articles" were moved to mandatory category on cookiebot side. In this case there was problems with both forms page and widget, and I cannot remember which affected what, as someone else did the changes on cookiebot side, and tested how it works. Finally some other changes might have been done that I am not aware about, so not 100% sure, if those are enough. I would try first moving zd-buid, and then testing.

    Br. Arno



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