How to add bold text in Email subject?

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  • Austin Killey
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Really good question @...; I didn't know you could add in unicode bolded text like that!

    Our realm of official support may just end up falling under troubleshooting "regular" plain text only for email notification actions, so maintenance and troubleshooting of that unicode text would rest with you and your team. 

    That being said though, I don't personally see any issues with using those text styles! Testing it out with a notification sent to a Gmail inbox, the bold formatting is being successfully preserved, awesome. 

    I think the only remaining unknowns for using stylized unicode text like this will be other end-users' email clients, where it's possible that some email services might not recognize those characters and may instead show your text characters as empty boxes.  Definitely worth going through thorough testing across multiple major email clients juuust to make sure your text is appearing consistently.

    Thanks again Adam; hope this helps!

  • Cory Lane

    Adam Mark now a days many users use Unicode text, so I hope it will work.


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