Is there a way to customize the description of a ZD Section or Category?

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  • Mathieu

    Hello Mary, 

    in my opinion there is 2 solutions to do this :

    1) use a template from the marketplace

    2)  edit the source code of your section_page or category_page depends on what you want. 
    This options need skills in HTTP and Handlebars



  • Stephen Brandt

    Mary Paez's question was the closest I could find to my own. 

    That is, in the Zendesk category's description, I would like to add HTML formatting. Let's say, I want to enter a simple line break under Arrange content > Edit category > Description:

    line 1<br />line 2

    The category page then shows the angle bracket:

    line 1<br />line 2

    Instead of the intended,

    line 1
    line 2

    It's generated by a template Curlybrace:

    {{#if category.description}}
    <p class="page-header-description">{{category.description}}</p>

    Is there a helper I can apply to {{category.description}} to get around the character conversion? Some escaping of the HTML tags? Any way to get it to display as intended?

  • Tipene Hughes
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Stephen,

    There isn't currently in-built functionality to achieve what you're describing. As Mathieu mentioned, you are able to edit the source code in which case you could use a bit of Javascript to make dynamic changes based on your requirements e.g appending an additional <p> child element to the page-header class when certain conditions are met.


  • Stephen Brandt

    Thanks, Tipene Hughes

    That might work globally, but really what I'd like to accomplish is to put hyperlinks within descriptions. Since ZD's taxonomy doesn't allow placing an article or a section in more than one location, and since we can't have an article provide the top-level content for a section, it would be useful for our KB at least to have more thorough descriptions with links to related content. 

    I think I understand why the tags are instead displayed as text, since the section descriptions are used in some cases as tooltips. I thought I'd check, and now I know for sure. 


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