New Zendesk Explore metric showing active Talk agents in the hotline


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  • Karen Hynes
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Cedric, 

    Great news! We are working hard on delivering this type of report in the new year. There is an ongoing conversation at:Agent "total online time" reporting and also the following thread is looking for more feedback on historical reporting requirements for this feature: Zendesk Talk: Allow Reporting on Agent Availability. Please feel free to join in on these threads as we would love to get as much detailed feedback as possible! 



  • Cedric Easton

    Hello Karen,

    that's great to hear. Thank you for your reply. I 'followed' the linked discussion now to stay in the loop. Once we know specifics, I can give feedback again, but it's good to see you're on it.

    Thank you and warm regards


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