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  • D- Ash

  • D- Ash

    And how do we change the number to one in our area, instead of some Alabama area code. We are in Northern California

  • D- Ash

    Also I want to remove 2 people from our subscription and keep just one person.

    When I try and reduce the number of seats, it says "the most recently added seats will be removed from your account" but doesn't tell me if I'm going to be able to select the people I want to be removed, or which accounts will be removed.

    And I don't want to remove the person who is using zendesk the most. Please advise


  • D- Ash

    What's going on with this? I need a resolution

    Why can't I find a support phone number or an email address? Why do I have to post publicly on a forum?

    And why can't I find a solution to this issue in the help files? Because when the pop-up arrives, I get a pop up saying I should go to the help files, but there is no solution in the help files.

  • Kaja

    Hi David,

    For the issues that you mention it would best to log a support ticket for Zendesk Sell support team.
    Here is an article explaining in detail how you can submit a ticket
    There is a section there showing how to submit a ticket "Option 2: Submitting a ticket from the Help Center".

    For urgent support, you can also contact us via chat:

    Moving on with your case I have created a ticket for you and we can troubleshoot the issues there.

    Warm Regards

    Kaja Błachowicz | Zendesk Sell | Technical Support Engineer Visit our Support Center


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