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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi there Altea,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback on the ability to collect user information without bypassing the pre-chat form.

    If the visitor is already authenticated or logged into your product, you can use the Javascript API to set the information for the visitor. You can get the Javascript API docs here:

    If you want to use the trigger on the website where you don't have any information from the visitor, you could look at creating a trigger that asks them for their name and email address. Then, the agent can enter the visitor's information into their profile from the dashboard.

    We don't have anything in the pipeline for 2016 that would solve this issue for you. I agree that having an option to ask for the name/email natively in the widget after a trigger message is fired is a good option to have.


  • Gaston Krasny

    Hi, having this option is amazing.

    We start using zendesk 10 days ago, we used jivochat before, and we are loosing a lot of time asking email to people and then copying it to the email field.
    Also if in the chat people dont give us the email, we need to delete the ticket, so we are doing that by hand and thats not good.

    Hope you create this functionality, 

  • LeslieRugby

    Yes same issue for me

    Would love a triggered message

    Then we user goes to reply they then need to enter contact info

  • Kevin Wolfley

    Fully agree with this post & request. Sending a triggered chat / invitation is a huge benefit, but not getting any information from the member before connecting them with the agent causes a lot more work & time for the agents (when aggregated across the day). 


    There should absolutely be an option to fire the pre-chat form (or some version of it) before connecting the member with an agent, even if it's a triggered chat. 

  • Brad Harris

    It would work best for us if there was a Trigger condition like "Visitor engaged widget - yes/no".

    This way we could still use the proactive trigger but not let it interrupt the customer if they engaged the widget and began filling out the pre-chat form, best of both worlds.

    Otherwise, our pre-chat form is pretty useless.

  • Deb Kaseman

    The contacts we make using the proactive trigger "think" that we know who they are already. Having to ask for their name or email would be super helpful in expediting their requests. Would love to have the ability to require that on a proactive chat.


  • eCommerce

    I changed our message to prompt customers to fill in name + email address but this would be a great new shiny thing for zendesk to implement for chat. fingers crossed!

  • Sarah Anscombe

    Could I ask if there has been any progress with this?
    It would be helpful, even just to be able to engage with our customers by name.


  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    @... Currently, there are no changes made to allow the visitor to enter their name/email in a form after a proactive message has been sent to them. The best option currently is to have the trigger send a second message asking them for their name and the agent can then use it once they pick up the chat. 

  • TD Technologies

    I'm experiencing the same issue here.
    I would suggest you to think about this option on the refered trigger. It was useful and better to identify the possible new costumer on the proactive chat.

  • Lateesha Clark

    I would also love to see the ability to offer the pre-chat form as part of the triggered proactive chats. I think Brad Harris' recommendation that is a few messages above would work great for us!

  • Aleksander Kavli

    Can we please get this any time soon?

  • Theodore Wolf


    Would love to use the proactive trigger if we can get some details up front.

  • Richard Smith


    Seems like a no-brainer and should already be in place, but if y'all need another up-vote...please take mine ;-)


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