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  • Chad Susa (Gravity CX - Zendesk Partner)

    It's great to see that Ticket Email Address is an Explore attribute now.

    However, when I tried to create a report, some tickets have the Ticket Email Address listed and some don't. Both tickets are via the email channel and both were sent to the exact same email address (Support email address).

    Just wondering if this new Explore attribute only applies to tickets created after the attribute was created and doesn't populate for older tickets?

    Many thanks :)

  • Saranya K

    Thanks for sharing this update

  • Ollie

    Thank you for adding this!

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi Chad Susa (Gravity CX - Zendesk Partner), the attribute did not apply retroactively, so your assumption is correct: only email tickets created after the deployment will have that value in Explore.

    ⚠️ Although this post is marked as "Complete", this attribute is still missing in other datasets, namely Updates History and SLA (in my case). Because it's only available on the Support: Tickets dataset, adding it as a dashboard filter for dashboards whose reports rely on multiple datasets is impossible. Here's hoping Zendesk updates this at some point.


    ℹ️ Just leaving the following note here for those just bumping into this:

    There is a workaround for this (also suggested here), something which I'm sure many admin have always done for many accounts:

    • Create a custom drop-down field for "Recipient". Add each email address as an option.
    • For each email address, create a trigger to select the correct option in "Recipient" when a ticket is Created and Received at matches that specific address
    • Personal suggestion: install the Hide Ticket Fields app and hide this field (and there is no need to add it to any form, the triggers will work anyway)

    However, one crucial limitation of this workaround is the inability to edit Closed tickets, which makes the workaround almost useless, as far as reporting on ticket history goes (because we can't have automations populate past tickets with these values). As soon as admins have this ability, the workaround will be effective and we can all start having fun cleaning up our past data 😄


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