Update Outlook Add-In application to fix installation error

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  • Mark Weissman

    I'm also unable to install the add-in.

  • Susana B.
    Zendesk Services Team

    Hi Tony, Our Developers are aware of this issue and are investigating this with Microsoft. I have created ticket on your behalf and linked it to to their investigation so that you will receive an update there as any updates come through and they work towards a resolution.

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Susana B.
    Customer Advocate/ San Francisco

  • Mark Weissman

    Thank you!! 

  • Nicolai H Main

    What is the status here? 

  • Ben

    It's been almost 9 months. Any update?

  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Ben!
    This issue is continuously being worked on by our Development team with Microsoft for a permanent fix. As a workaround, you can install the Zendesk Outlook integration as a custom add-in. 
    To do this:
    1. Go to an email and select the More actionsat the top of the message.
    2. Select Get Add-ins then My Add-ins 
    3. Scroll down to Custom Add-ins and click Add from URL. Type in: https://outlook.zendesk-integrations.com/manifest
    4. Press OK to install the add-in. Then you will see an add-in installed/deployed message.
    Kindly visit this documentation for more information about Using add-ins in Outlook on the web
  • Sean Bourke
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Ben,

    The Zendesk Outlook Add-In should now be installable from Microsoft Appsource (App Marketplace). Please do let me know if you continue to experience any problems during the installation process.

  • Laurie Schafer

    I am getting an error with the Outlook integration. It appears to be set up, but I get an error when attempting to create a ticket. When I attempt to "set it up" I receive another error. It is working for others in our company Zendesk domain.


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