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  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary

    Goal: We want to have an autoresponder sent out when a ticket is createdor updated stating the Assigned Agent is out of office


    1. Autoresponder can only be sent to requester due to ZD limitations https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408843347866-Understanding-suppression-of-CCs-email-notifications#:~:text=The%20Email%20user%20%2B%20(requester%20and%20CCs)%20action%20is%20also%20suppressed
    2. You cannot action on the Assignee user fields upon creation. The fields/tags that are applied upon creation are based on End-user selections


    1. We need to be able to let the CC or requester know that the Agent is out of office if either of them update the ticket.
    2. We need to be able to send a notification out upon creation to state that they are out of office
  • Audrey Ann Cipriano
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Sydney! Thank you for the detailed info, super helpful! I definitely understand the problem statements you provided above, please send us a ticket so we can understand your workflow better and maybe find recommendations or workarounds? Thank you Sydney!

  • Michael P.

    +1 on the ability for roles other than Admins to override an Agent's OOO status. 
    +1 on looking into unavailable functionality as we have experienced our agents receiving tickets in their personal queue while being unavailable 

  • Ben Rosenberg

    I know this is the feature request thread but I am not sure where else to post. I don't need new features I need the basic functionality of the app to work consistently.

    Since we've installed the app I have not had a single day where the app has done what it needs to. We are constantly having to manually add and remove the agent_ooo tag from tickets because the agent tags are not consistently translating from the agent to their tickets. I've talked to support and moved the app triggers to the top of our order. The issue fundamentally keeps coming down to the fact that even when the agent tag is added or removed, their corresponding tickets are not consistently updated. Sometimes it's all of them, sometimes it's none, and sometimes it's some. We are not doing high volume so I doubt this is a rate limiting issue or anything like that. 

    WIth no other reasonably usable method to manage agent availability inherent to the platform the inconsistency in the performance of this app is infuriating. All of the articles and reviews related to this app are filled with a similar experience to mine I know I am not alone in these issues.

  • Au Finh

    Our Playlist Routing App has a similar Out of Office feature. While I don't know exactly how Zendesk's app is implemented, I can say that there are API limitations preventing us from designing a scalable and robust solution. We get a lot of clients reporting inconsistencies too. 

    Our biggest challenge is with bulk updates. They are delayed and not guaranteed. We'd have to poll job statuses for UpdateConflict errors and retry failed updates. Polling counts against your rate limits, and it's slow. By the time the app retries, it's possible for an agent to be back online already. Polling and retrying is inefficient, defeating the purpose of bulk updating to minimize API requests, so our solution doesn't even bother retrying. Ideally, there is a synchronous bulk update option that we can use to guarantees an update every time. 

    Another fundamental issue is that there isn't an API to query for specific tickets using fresh data. Search API is not reliable due to the time required (1 - 5 minutes) to index records for search. We don't have an efficient way to get a full list of the agent's non-closed tickets at scale.

    Once these API limitations are addressed, we could make dramatic improvements to our version of Out of Office.

  • John DiGregorio

    @Binh Du did you ever figure out how to include open tickets

  • Priya Bhandari

    Hi Zendesk Team,

    While browsing through the Out of Office App functionality, I noticed that the app doesn't syncs with Google Calendar.

    For example, if an agent has marked themselves OOO on Google Calendar, the Zendesk OOO still shows him as available until he manually toggles the OOO app to unavailable.

    Just wanted to confirm - are there any plans on the roadmap to integrate the two to ensure that the Zendesk OOO app automatically updates if an agent is booked on vacation / OOO on Google Calendar?


    Hello Zendesk,

    Are you planning to make the Out of Office application usable by non-Admin users?

    Currently, only Administrators can set agents to Unavailable, which is a serious security issue as we have to provide an Admin role to people who should not.

    Thank you.

  • Samual Preiss

    Hello all, A quick question about the tags

    Am I able to add a second tag to this field so I can automate internal comments? Or is that limited to just one?

  • Yasser Taraka

    We would like to have the ability to have other non-admin custom roles to also have the ability to set agents as Out of Office in case agents forget to do so. This is invaluable for our operations, would reduce potential human error and would offer a much needed flexibility for our leads. 


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