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    Rajat Garg
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate it. 

    I wanted to provide a quick update on this thread since it's been a while since we posted our last update. We completely understand the need for agents to respond quickly and we are constantly looking for ways to make them more productive. We will have more updates on this front in the future however, previewing what the end user is typing is not something we are planning to support in our immediate roadmap.



  • Doug

    Hi Ramin & Zendesk Team,

    Just wanted to chip in on how important my team considers this feature:

    Because this feature does not exist with Zendesk/Zopim Chat, we decided not to switch from LiveChat.

    It is SO important to be able to see what users are typing before they hit send for multiple reasons:

    • As others have mentioned, it helps us help users so much faster; we can see their question starting off, have an inkling of what they're asking for, and start pulling up information (ticket information, order information, product information, etc.). It makes things super fast for both parties!
    • It helps us see what users really want to say in the event they don't say it: sometimes a user will be really ticked off with us and threaten legal action, or call my mother insults, or want to talk to a manager----- ...and then delete all of that and just say something totally different like 'Thanks!' Giving us the ability to see that having been typed births for us a grain of salt to take with us when talking to that user.
    • Sometimes users delete something that was actually important to their question that they thought was unimportant-- the only way for us to see that would be to see what they were typing.
    • Seeing what users are typing while they type it allows us to better multi-task. If a user is typing slower than a turtle crawling through peanut butter, I can tell by seeing what they're typing that they're alive, and be ready to help them the moment they (finally) hit that Enter/Send Key. Without seeing what they're typing, I feel more restricted to making sure to keep an eye on whatever they're about to send, unsure if it's going to be a novel or just a quick, slowly-written question.

    Please, please, please add this feature. I'm not sure how much more convincing you need, and I understand an engineer's want to know why users want a specific feature, but this one shouldn't take so much explanation. It's a feature we LOVE, and we're not going anywhere without it.

  • Sebastian Ibañez

    Agreed, this would be an awesome feature.

  • Kelli_Main Street Software

    Being able to see what the end-user is typing does allow the agent to get a quicker idea of what questions/answers they are trying to convey. It speeds up the chat quite a bit.

  • Carlene Palm

    I agree that this is a useful tool for preparing your answer in a timely manner. Our previous chat provider had this implemented and it saves a world of time! 

    Running multiple chats is a completely different tool than being able to see what a client is typing in real time and is not a work around.

    In addition, there are times when a client starts typing a message, but then gets distracted and doesn't continue. As it is now, we would not be aware of this as it just would seem as though the client was typing out a very long and detailed message.


  • Camille

    Which is why most people would opt for intercom instead. I'm still hoping this feature would be implemented soon. We are currently using Livechatinc, just waiting for my annual subscription to be over.

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Please add this. We are piloting a move to Zendesk Chat from LiveChat Inc. and this is a major piece of functionality that is missing. 

  • Doug

    Just pinging this thread to let you know we have yet again considered switching our chat service and would yet again love to go with Zendesk but have yet again decided not to because it looks like yet again you have no intent on adding chat previews.

    I'll yet again add my input that this is a much used and requested feature that a lot of other competitors use (LiveChat, Live Agent, Intercom, Front Chat, etc.). You are missing out on a lot of business because of this missing feature.

    Please, please, please, please, please reconsider adding it to your program, as we would love nothing more than to keep all of our services under one roof.



  • tom

    I want this feature also, very disappointed its not already implemented. Will stick with my current chat software until it is changed.

    Pretty much all of the zendesk chat competitors have this feature so in answer to Zendesk, there must be a reason why they implement it........perhaps its useful....

  • Nathan Miller

    @Ramin, this is an unfortunate stance that zendesk is taking.  This is a feature that your competitors are offering and lots of chat programs are live these days where the text is visible while typing.  Zendesk is one of the only popular livechat solutions that doesn't offer this feature in fact.

    Also, who pays for the software is it the visitor that you are catering to, or the folks who pay you for the software and want the text preview.  This feels like Zendesk is specifically snubbing their own clients who pay them hard earned money each month in favor of people who pay them nothing.  What a weird position to take..

    I honestly don't understand your position here, and as soon as our prepaid period with Zendesk/Zopim is over we are certainly going to be transferring back to Livechat to get these needed features back.  Or maybe explore Intercom who I guess also offers the preview feature.

  • Drew Brown

    Has there been any progress on this? It's the only thing holding us back from switching from LiveChat to Zendesk Chat. I find it hard to believe that ZenDesk cannot see that this feature is imperative in order to optimize customer service via chat.

    Additionally, this feature is so widely used it's considered standard. Please reconsider your position here! Without a chat preview, this portion of ZenDesk will be inferior to others on the market.

    When you see a customer begin typing, you can quickly begin to gather information and resources to serve them so that when they submit their text, they receive much faster support! This feature is not about invading privacy, it's about emulating a conversation. If you were actually talking to a customer, you'd be hearing the, speak before they ended their sentence, right? Just because they haven't finished speaking doesn't mean you can be thinking of how to best form your response. This is something we all do when we have conversations - and let's be honest: Chat features exist to provide a more conversational interaction. 



  • Steve


    I'd love to see this too. I'm B2B so no privacy issue for me.

    It is the one thing you are missing, I've had chat services with and without this feature. Chats are faster with it. 

    I think you could add an opt-in box (adding the Increase resolution time) for the user to pick. This way you do not have the concern. Transparency is the key.





  • Nathan Miller

    It's disappointing that zendesk has ignored this request.  We've waited them out almost 2 years and no motion on it at all.  We're actively in the process of moving to a different solution at the moment since zendesk isn't listening and our belief is that they never will.

  • Alex Duffey

    This feature is a HUGE miss on the Zendesk side. Every chat tool we have demo'd or used has the ability to see what the customer is typing before they hit enter. Join the 21st century of chat!

  • Trina

    I'm going to grovel some. Please, please, please consider this on your roadmap. We gave up a lot of features from when we were using SnapEngage. Seeing what the customer is typing is a huge feature that we gave up. When agents are handling multiple concurrent chats, this feature is so very, very helpful! You are not only making the current chat customer wait while you read their response, but you may be making 1-2 more customers also wait as you are trying to find a response to the current customer. Had the agent been able to ascertain what the customer was looking for, they could queue up a macro response (or at least be searching for the macro) while the customer was still typing their question/issue. IMO it's very inefficient to not have this feature. Longer handling and wait time. :(

  • Sarah Barner

    Hi Ramin, 

    I am able to have up to four chats at a time and switching between them is easy. I am not suggesting that the text preview is a fix to any problem, only that is it a nice feature/enhancement to have, so if it can't be implemented by Zopim it doesn't need to become a point of contention between Zopim and current/potential customers. 

  • Camille

    This would be really great, most, if not all, other competition has this. Even, a free live chat solution has this. 

  • Doug


    Of course users will tell you they don't like that they're being monitored, but most users will understand why it's there when it's there. It is no different than someone being told prior to a conversation on the phone that the chat may be monitored for quality assurance.

    Also, none of the users that come into us using LiveChat over the FIVE YEARS we've been using it have expressed unsolicited displeasure of being monitored, despite that fact being buried into the Terms of Service.

    If all users were asked in a survey whether they like or dislike every little thing in their Terms of Service, and all project managers shifted the Terms of Service to meet their users' demands, sadly some great features would never get implemented.

    You save transcripts, correct? Try surveying your users whether they like those transcripts saved for X amount of years. Survey them about tickets being kept with their billing information, emails, or phone numbers.

    Also, I'm gathering from your phrasing that you've never worked in actual retail Customer Service; users tell us stuff all the time that they shouldn't have, regardless of whether it gets sent or not. I have been sent credit card numbers, social security numbers, and incredibly private information that I never asked for and was completely unwarranted. That will happen regardless of whether or not you implement text previews.

    Why not implement it as an opt-in service, and your Zendesk Chat Customers can decide whether or not they want to use it with their customers or not?

    Please. For the love of all that is tech support, and the customers you are losing or not gaining, at least CONSIDER implementing this requested feature that your comparably-priced competitors have, including LiveChat and SalesForce.

  • Lulwa Jundi

    I agree that this is a VERY useful tool for any Customer Service agent.

  • Mr Green Limited


    This would be a great improvement to Zendesk chat and be extremely useful for our customer service team. Do you have an update on this one? 

    Kind regards


  • Hassan Iqbal

    This is a must feature. With other competitors offering this.

  • Olivierp09

    It has been more than 3 years that customers are asking for this feature.  My god !!!! what a responsiveness from Zendesk. it's quite disgraceful.

    Indeed this feature is provided by your competitor and it is a basis

    Being able to see what the end-user is typing does allow the agent to get more efficient because they can start to answer before the client finishes his sentence

  • Doug

    Greetings from this time capsule of a feature request thread to the the kindred spirit Googler that invariably finds it someday in the future. You may ask "did Doug ever get his wish? did he ever switch to Zendesk chat?"

    The answer is no, we're still stickin' with LiveChat.

    Zendesk itself is still dope af tho.


    +1 must have

  • James Peterson

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback.  In order to help our Product Managers better understand your needs, I'd like to gather more information aboout your situation.

    Could you describe the problem you are currently facing that prompts you to make this request, or is it more of a nice to have?  How much of a gain would you expect this to have and how much of an impact does it make now that you cannot see what the visitor is typing as he is typing?

    James Peterson

  • Sarah Barner

    This would be a nice enhancement to have. Another chat client I have used in the past (LiveChat, specifically) has this feature, and during busier times it is nice to get a sense of what a customer is going to ask before they hit the "Enter" button. "Trend" responses can be anticipated, making my response to the customer more prompt. I wouldn't say that this is a necessary feature to have, but it is certainly a nice one!

  • Argyris Gerogiannis

    Funcionallity for sending live chat pre messages exists in the SDK of Zopim (Zendesk Live Chat). You could create a custom live chat application and use this function to show what member is typing. I am willing to test this, and I will come back to you.



  • Tomer

    @Ramin, this is very unfortunate.
    I think it's a wrong decision for your business, you will lose customers.
    I really like the integration with the support platform and in general, I don't see enough improvements.
    Neither in the UI nor anything related to the user experience.
    I'm paying for ~20 agents and gonna grow to ~30 really soon.
    Like the other colleagues that responded here, I'm expecting more and you have a potential to be amazing.
    Another thing I would like to suggest is the "Whisper" feature, having the ability to assist one of the agents and also to answer on his behalf instead of just joining the chat.
    Anything coming soon?

    Any chance you can share your roadmap?

  • Meghan


  • Adedayo Oduneye

    This feature is a must to ensure better response from Agents. I believe Zendesk should consider as believe there is no invasion of customers’ privacy. Our response time metrics will not only greatly improve but the overall customer experience will as well




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