Enable custom ticket field columns to be added to the request table in Help Center my activities page


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  • ModeratorWes
    Most Engaged Member of All Time - 2021

    +1 - The more options we have the better.  Showing custom fields would be great.

  • Mindy Sonshine

    Any update on this? I'd really love to add a custom field to the my activities summary table!

  • Martin Low

    Yes I would also like to be able to offer our end users this so we can customise it. It would also be a major bonus if the tickets could be sorted by end users so they can view tickets in whatever order they desire.

  • Guus Meijer

    Showing more standard fields of a ticket (like type) as a column would be very much appreciated as well.

  • Jeff Hebert

    I agree, at the end of the day zendesk is broadly displayed to many more companies than are your customers.  Many of these companies could be potential customers.  The My activity page is the leading edge of the company capabilities and the My activity page does not well represent the functionality that the Agents see on their side of the fence. 

  • Mike Hamann

    Is there any progress on this enhancement.  The list only has a few columns and customers want to see more details

  • Mike Hamann

    Is anyone from Zendesk going to respond to this request?

  • Otto Bartošek

    +1 This is really must have. Right now we would really need to have there priority and 2 custom fields which specified product and type of user request.

  • Mark Whisler

    Agreed. +1, bump, nudge nudge to all this.  In addition, I'd like to see more component configuration in the Help Center.  It's too static!  For example, the request_table component could be expanded to allow columns to be specified or let us pull from a custom view.

    I also suggest making the My requests table sortable by columns. I mean, it's a table, right? With the onslaught of tickets our clients create, we are forced to create a custom portal simply because the Help Center features aren't there.

    I know you guys have a large backlog already, but thanks for considering.

  • Wilson Morales

    Definitely need this. clients have been asking for a custom field that i'd like displayed in a new column and ability to sort by all those tickets. 

  • Vincent Hill

    The ability to add custom fields to the My Activities page would be a huge benefit for our customers. One of the major requests our support reps, sales people, and executives during client visits get is "why can't we see how much time your agents spend on tickets?" The time entries are stored in custom fields created for us by Zendesk itself. It is a shame we can't provide that information in the first place our customers would expect to find it.

    Since this feature isn't available we have to spend money and developer resources to recreate the entire My Activities page with calls to the API. All for the sake of displaying a single field. It's a very expensive workaround for something Zendesk really should be providing customers out of the box.

  • Smith, Christopher

    Hopefully this more than a blip on their radar by now. Zendesk, could you comment on this possible user story (including the general scope and an estimated ETA, broad generalizations are better than nothing)? We haven't heard anything since early March.

  • Chris Kirby (sirkirby)

    It makes no sense at all. The activity details contains the ticket object, but we can't access any of that data on the grid. Zendesk provides zero assistance in helping to figure out a workaround as well...other than "use the api". Sure, we could build our own portal with the API, but then what is the point of having a customizable portal at all? We've even reached out to other companies that use Zendesk, who seem to have customized this area, but that has been a dead end as well.

    I do know they are aware of this request and are watching the amount of votes that it gets...but they have no immediate plans to implement it, according to their support.

  • Izzy Amado


    Pretty please let us add custom fields to the "My Activities" page. All of the "canned" items are great, but I don't think I've ever setup a Zendesk instance that didn't have a custom field that was relevant to the customer.

    The idea of "they can click on the ticket" and see the custom field is a true statement, but end-user's want as much information as they can get at a glance.

    Looking a the request page's code, custom fields are just part of the {{request-form}} placeholder, which I'm guessing on the back end is a compilation of ticket field id's and formatting. Why not have placeholders by ticket field id? i.e.:


    Thank you for the consideration on this.


  • Jake Donovan

    + 100 on this one

  • Smith, Christopher

    "My activities" is a major element in our customer support portal - it's front and center really. All we hear about is how our customers want to see more "useful" information.  It's good to hear that this is even a blip on the Help Center radar but hopefully this becomes more of a priority soon. 

  • Jeremy

    Would also like to have the ability to add columns.

    Our tickets have the standard "priority" (i.e. severity of issue) and we have a custom field that allows those items to be ranked, this is more important for low "priority" that fall into a backlog of work. 

    Our customers would like to see those items ordered by rank.


  • Matt Porter

    +1 this is essential functionality so that we're able to service our clients and add depth to the end to end experience.  

    Other tools we've used this comes out of the box so we're waiting for this one and the sooner the better. 

  • Mike Hamann

    Don't hold your breath, I asked back in February and they still have not even considered adding it.  I don't even know why they have people enter these as they actually only develop based on their roadmap


  • Christian Colding

    Hey guys,

    I'll gladly provide an update.

    We definitely understand the use cases - we agree that this should be possible. Our first step towards this is the launch of a completely new theming platform, which will expose much more of the theming code, so it's easier to customize exactly to your needs. When we launch the new theming platform, the code for the Requests table will look something like this:

    <table id="request-table" class="request-table">  
     <th>{{t "id"}}</th>  
     <th>{{t "subject"}}</th>  
     <th>{{t "created"}}</th>  
     <th>{{t "last_activity"}}</th>  
     <th>{{t "status"}}</th>  
     {{#each requests}}  
     <a href="{{url}}">  
     {{#if subject}}  
     {{excerpt description characters=50}}  
     <td>{{date created_at timeago=true}}</td>  
     <td>{{date updated_at timeago=true}}</td>  
     <span class="request-status request-{{status}}" title="{{status_description}}">  

     As you can see, this exposes the underlying code for generating the table. We will be doing something similar for a single request as well.

    This first step will allow you to at least remove data you don't want in the table, e.g. by removing the column for creation date. Once that is released, next step is to allow more types of data in the theme, e.g. custom fields.

    We are hard at work on the new theming platform, but I am currently unable to provide an ETA. Once the new theming platform is out, we will continue with adding more data, but exactly when is not currently known.

  • Regan Perry

    Was able to customise the request List Page by editing the page in the theme editor. 

    We wanted to show the 'Priority' field, and also allow the user to sort by that column. 
    Took a bit of looking around to find the exact right names (and some guesses based on fields displayed on other pages) but eventually got it. 

    First needed to add the Heading and make it a link that would change sort order: 


    and then the rows get displayed underneath as per: 

    The result:

  • James Guillemot

    +20 (customers and agents asking me for it)

  • Chris Cox

    Agreed with all previous comments as I thought I was missing something at first.  The limitation around the fields/columns that can be exposed in the Help Center / My Activity / request table is a barrier to rolling out the system to our end customers and reduces the benefits of the Help Center.  

    We support multiple end-organisations who typically have 10+ requests open at any period of time.  Without providing any greater granularity than the request ID, subject, status and dates the organisation doesn't have any effective way of being able to use the Help Centre to locate and update the status of their requests.  E.g. without checking each request there is no way to view the priority.  

    Hopefully there can be some progress on this key feature.

  • Baptiste Gaillard

    +1 We also need a feature to sort columns in the "My activities" page.

    For us the Priority field is perhaps the most important column in this view. It would allow us to explain our customer in what order we are planning to solve their problems.


  • Wilson Morales

    Fantastic I have filled out the form and ready and willing to speak to you when you have time.   This is really important to my clients and I.

  • Martin Monnier

    My customers need "my activities" to organize themselves. They easily want to know what issues/tickets are still open and how important they are. Usually issues raises up or falls down in priority over a period of time.

    In general they also must be able to edit fields like priority or custom fields like due date.

    Hopefully that functionality will be added soon.


  • Ady Harold

    @Regan Perry, that's pretty cool and works for us mostly, thanks!

    Trouble is that the sort on the custom column doesn't work. It just sorts by last updated date instead. It looks like it's doing something when the "priority" column heading is clicked, but doesn't actually order based on this.

    Has anyone else encountered or managed to fix this? I've got complaining clients!

  • M. A.

    I am seeing that for the past 3+ years customers have been begging for the most simple basic feature (that should be expected in V1) and that is adding the "priority" column to the requests search. Why has that request been so ignored by Zendesk for so many years?  It is a very simple addition, it should be expected.

    If an End-User manager goes to "Organization requests" to get a report and review open tickets from his/her org, they get a very basic report (reminds me of MS. Access), you cannot do much with it, you cannot filter or sort by anything except for "Last Activity", a very important piece is missing and that is "Priority", the report is almost useless!!! This is a very simple fix (yes, fix not an enhancement) that should have been done years ago. How did Zendesk think that this useless report is OK? Customers are frustrated.

    Not to mention that we should be able to use tags, etc... in the search itself. But if you cannot search by priority, good luck seeing tags.

  • ngo thu

    I used ajax to add custom field column in request list table. 

     First, you add column header of custom field in the requests_page template.

    And then, in the body, you can add some code lines as this:

    You need to change custom_field_key to your custom field id you want to add.

  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all

    Thanks to all of you that have provided feedback here and those of you that helped us with our UI prototype! It is really valuable.

    I'm happy to finally tell you that we have now started development to allow you to show custom fields in the request table and allow users of the table to filter and sort on custom fields. We expect to launch within the next 6 months. I will come with an update on the progress again latest in november.


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