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  • Kelli Swygert

    I agree Matt. Our company is in a similar position, but instead of supporting multiple hardware product lines, we support our software which has a new release every year. There are a lot of articles that are applicable to multiple software versions, but then others that are unique. It would be great if this feature was addressed.

  • Daniel Oakley

    This is a necessary feature. It is required. This feature is needed to construct a decent knowledge base. This is something that is making me (and us) reconsider using Zendesk for our new enterprise support desk deployment.

    Solve this issue with a proper rewrite of the knowledge base backend, solve this with a quick hack by writing it so that if multiple sections are selected the system automagically creates multiple articles with a flag saying "Keep this article synced with article ID 123423" on them, and the changes to any articles in the group get synced to the other articles in the group, anything, the functionality just needs to be there. Hell, if you do that second one or some other hacky solution, you can even convert it to use the proper fixed method later once the thing gets rewritten to support it! Happy faces all around!

    I know code is hard, but this is a basic feature of knowledge base systems, and is required and necessary to build a decent help center using your service.

    This and the multiple levels issue are two things where I'm honestly quite shocked that they still persist after this length of time. They may require reworking the backend, they may even require some fairly extensive reworking, but they are both necessary for any decent knowledge base system out there today. Please escalate the priority on this issue to let us help our customers in navigating our knowledge bases.

  • Jonathan Collins

    I'm trying not to become disillusioned, but I posted to this ~a year ago, have been following and watching this grow and grow and have never had any commitment from ZD that this feature is ever going to come to fruition.  I'm at the point that I, regrettably,  am starting consider other options as I approach the end of my contract period.

    I love a lot of things about ZD, but for my use case, this is an enormous amount of work every time we have a software of product release.

    Hey Zendesk, should we just give up on hoping this will be developed?

  • Michael Dennis

    I wish I could +100 @Peter's comment.  You nailed it Peter!

    I also like @Patrick's comment on how to handle Breadcrumbs.

    I'll reiterate - We REALLY need for Articles to be able to be published in multiple Sections.

  • Malene Tidemann

    We moved to Zendesk late last year and are now putting a lot of resources into building and structuring a knowledge base. We really like Zendesk in many ways, but posting articles in multiple sections is a must for us and we're quite disappointed to discover that this key feature is missing.

    Our use case: We're a software company supporting the same product in 3 versions: a web based solution, an API version and a Windows/SQL version installed in the customer's own server environment. While some articles clearly belong to each version there are also many that fits into all. For example, there are add-on components and flows that are the same for 2 or all 3 platforms.

    From the beginning we were hoping to start using Answer Bot as soon as we have enough articles in the knowledge base. However, it doesn't work well with duplicated content, so we don't want to copy-paste articles. We tried making a few separate categories with sections for features that are shared by all our platforms, but many customers naturally go searching for answers inside the category and section belonging to their version of the software and thus can't find the right articles.

    On top of this, we're supporting 5 languages in our knowledge base, so if we were to copy-paste the same article into 3 sections, we would need it in 15 versions! Total nightmare to make a small update to 1 article if it has to been done in 15 places every time.

    We will follow updates to this closely and also let our Zendesk consultant know how much this feature is needed.

  • Crystal H.

    Concur with those above about this being core functionality and should not be something reserved only for Enterprise customers...

    Expected basic functionality is not "Enterprise" functionality, Zendesk. :|

  • Mark B.

    @Thomas Joussot You might have to! ;) 7 years and counting.

  • Saskia Rehorst

    Hi all, 

    I'm a bit shocked that this feature is not available yet. So a very big: Yes please!


  • Tilly Martin

    Hello, this is now causing issues for our fabulous trainer who is having to create duplicate pages. Any good news on when this will be available? (More time creating and maintaining)

  • Mic Sanderson

    Hi all, 

    I'm new to Zendesk within the organisation that I'm in presently, having used various other solutions in the past. 

    It's disappointing that something with so many votes and requests has been in the pipeline for 7+ years and seems such a basic principal. All we're asking is for the article to be a single point of truth and be linked in multiple places. 

    In the short term I'm going to have to do what others have done and duplicate the article so that the user experience is correct, but this means maintaining separate lists of articles that are duplicated, and updating them all when a slight change is needed. 

    We're also not a guide enterprise customer, and for such basic functionality I'm surprised we'd need to upgrade. 

    I'll go ahead and complete the form now. 



  • Daniel Robertshaw

    This thread is embarrassing. Has anyone found an alternative offering this?

  • Owen Skarpness

    @Danial and @Aswin, that's not totally true - we've been using a workaround using redirects that mimics this behavior with great success for some time. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done. This solution (copied from page 9) is outlined below:


    This article describes the process for "deleted" help center articles, but works identically for active ones:

    With redirects in place, you can simply create two articles in different categories, complete with tags, then redirect one to the other. You'll only need to make edits to the landing page, and the redirected page can be blank or retain historical information. This has done pretty well for us to mimic the functionality of having individual articles in multiple places.

  • Chad Smith

    While Content Blocks sound great and I'm sure I will have justification to use them, that is not the same as the original post in this thread. I feel that Zendesk may have missed the mark here with not fully understanding what the original post was requesting.

    If using Content Blocks to solve this, it would still require two or more articles. Technically speaking, this is now duplicate article information (by title) in the Help Center. Rather than having a single article linked into multiple sections.

    A single content block in multiple articles ≠ a single article in multiple sections.

    My fear is that Zendesk will see the Content Blocks as the 'answer', and subsequently close off this most popular request without addressing it.

    Zendesk, please chime in here if we are misunderstanding the scope of Content Blocks.

  • Support Admin

    Just a little late for this topic's 10th anniversary!

  • Tony Maninha

    I was thinking about buying a cake to commemorate...

  • Tracy Curtis

    +1 for us as well

  • Jess Bygd

    +1 yes, please!  Agree with comments above to have 1 'parent' article/doc that can then also be allocated to other categories/forums, especially since multiple postings lead to significantly more complicated content management.   

  • Sandie

    There are also requests for this feature on this thread -

  • Josh Clayton

    Huge +1 for us, too.  Please, please, please add.

  • Andrew Bagner

    This would be a huge bonus for us too!  Forgetting to update the same article in 2/3/4 different areas can be a huge issue for our customer support!  Make this happen PLEASE!!

  • Mark

    Huge +1 for us.  Make this happen PLEASE!!

  • Andrew Dahl

    Thanks for all the great feedback on being able to post the same article in multiple sections. We like this feature so much that we've added it to the roadmap for Help Center.

    Unfortunately I can't give a timeline, but this thread will be updated when we have more details to share.


  • Brooks Dougherty

    +1 - Really looking forward to this feature as well.  

  • Admin User

    +1 This request has been out there for almost 2 years and it's a core feature that should be included!! Forums are often intertwined and it's necessary to be able to post or link the same items in multiple locations

  • Sue Armstrong

    We'd find it really useful too.

  • Sandie

    +1 for beta testing it.

    From a data perspective this ought to be simple, so it's continued absence is worrying.

  • Dan

    I'm a totally newbie, just getting started with Zendesk, but this seems like a basic feature.

    Couldn't using "tags" allow for an article to appear in multiple places?

  • Chris

    We absolutely need this functionality.  Thanks!

  • Jamie Atkinson

    +1 from us, this would be HUGE for us!

  • David Peat

    Likewise I have a need for this feature in Help Center. For me it's mainly about having the same article available under the sections for different products. e.g.

    1. I have sections for Product A, Product B, etc, and would like to list a cross-product article that refers to the interaction between products A and B in both sections.
    2. I have a product family X with sub-products a, b and c. I have separate sections for the sub-products but have articles that are common to more than one sub-product (although not necessarily all)

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