Revert to last published state - "unpublished changes in editor"

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  • Justin Dudek

    +1 for this fix / feature ASAP. Somehow I just deleted all of my report's filters (without even pressing the delete key?). They just... disappeared! No, they are not a hidden widget. Can't undo it, so I have to completely redo all of my filters and bookmarks...

  • Venkat Bellamkonda

    The first comment on this and request was made in Dec 2019 and we are now in June 2022 and still this simple feature/capability does not exist. It is very painful to not have an Undo and clear what is in the Editor so that you can just forget about the changes that you have not yet published.This ability exists in more reporting tools. When can we expect this feature. I see a Product Manager comment back in July 2020 and no further official comment. 

    Thank you. 

  • Ronald

    Another head scratcher here Zendesk. How is this still not implemented? These are the sorts of things that make it very hard for me to wholeheartedly recommend Zendesk.

  • Randy Gentil

    Hello - Any update on this enhancement and/ or fix? Not being able to revert to a previous version makes Explorer quite difficult to work with. Thanks~

  • Rohan Anderson

    How has this been open for 3 years and still not fixed. I tried your "automatically reorganise widgets" feature, which totally broke my dashboard and now it won't undo and I'm completely stuck and looks like my only option is to start again. Your products are seriously expensive but simple features are broken.

  • Justin Dudek

    Just accidentally deleted all of my filters AGAIN, with no explanation, and no ability to effectively edit-undo.

    @Walter Bellante How is this feature dead in the water for the last 3 years?

  • Ronald

    Rohan Anderson Justin Dudek Very frustrating, I can relate!!

    I mistakenly began deleting things from the wrong dashboard tab and had to rebuild a big chunk of that tab. What got me was that no matter which tab you're on when you click "Edit" you end up at the first tab. It doesn't matter how many times I do this, I sometimes forget, because that's just so unintuitive. I've also run into some big issues when attempting to use the "undo" function. It usually just makes a random widget disappear from the dashboard rather than undoing the previous action.

    So not only can we not revert to the previous published state but there are various features (for lack of a better term) that create situations where such an ability to revert would be greatly beneficial. Oh well.

  • CJ Johnson

    Unfortunately, it seems like Zendesk is not making any changes to this editor and is putting all their changes in the "new" Dashboard editor. The New Dashboard editor is even worse for this situation, as it proactively saves every single change made, so there's never any message about unpublished changes. You can now compare unpublished vs published versions, but there's still no way to abandon changes and keep the Published version. 

  • Ronald

    Good point CJ Johnson, def not going to see any improvements to the original editor with the new dashboard in development. Would be great if they could release a new product/feature that is better than its predecessor. 

  • Eric Husband

    It's a bit ridiculous that there is no functional Undo button and no way to roll back changes despite years of users asking for this very basic Internet 1.0 feature.

    When you combine this with how Zendesk Explore likes to randomly delete widgets, or in my case today deleting ALL of my widgets on a report, without any way to undo the change.

  • Matthew Kentala

    How is this still not fixed?  Do we need to complain about this on Twitter to get someone's attention?  This really should be a basic feature.  Obviously, the data exists because the published copy has the correct configuration.  I assume there is an XML file that could just be taken from the published report and have it overwritten to the unpublished dashboard.  

  • Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone,
    we've read your comments and understand there are different unexpected behaviors you would like us to address. I will try to capture them to the best of my understanding and provide an update/solution for each of them:

    • Problem: The "automatically reorganize widgets" button causes the dashboard to permanently change the layout without the ability to undo those changes. Some of you are using this action because it's difficult to align and resize components and wanted a quick way to organize your layout.
      SolutionThe new dashboard builder provides an easier way to add, drag and resize items thanks to a new grid and layout system. Undo/redo has been improved so that, within the same session, you can safely go back to a previous layout arrangement. The new experience is currently available to Enterprise customers only but will be opened to Professional customers in H1 next year.
    • Problem: On edit mode whenever you interact with a report or a data filter you see “Unpublished changes” while no real change has happened on the dashboard.
      Solution: This behavior has been fixed in the new dashboard builder. Changes are no longer triggered if you are just interacting with the reports or filtering on time and data.

    • Problem: When you perform some changes on the dashboards and you aren’t satisfied with them you want to be able to restore the dashboard to the last published version.
      Solution: While we don’t have an ETA yet, I confirm this feature and version control is part of the scope of the new dashboard builder post-GA. You can check the full list of features here.

    Let me know if there are other behaviors I haven’t captured in this post.


  • CJ Johnson

    Walter Bellante The beta Dashboard is no where near ready to be used as a full replacement for the old method. Bookmarks for example, are not available. Additionally, I have something like 50+ dashboards that I cannot migrate and just change the link and format for everyone. We really need these features available in the supported version of the Dashboard builder. Are you planning to force everyone to mass migrate all reporting to this new builder in the future? I'm concerned that we've poured literally hundreds of hours into building Dashboards on the supported builder, and there seems to be a complete halt to future features for it, including fixes to bugs. 

  • Thomas

    +1 This must be considered a bug fix rather than a roadmap feature. While making bulk changes to a dashboard a report was deleted and the Undo function only goes back so far. There is no solution to this currently.

  • Jake Warren

    Very surprised to have not run into this sooner, but this really makes editing dashboards a "walking on eggshells" situation. I made some edits that I'm not satisfied with and definitely don't want to publish, but I'm stuck now and am not sure what to do. I'm forever stuck in this version of edits and can't revert back to the state that is currently published. 


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