Knowledge Capture: Ability to exclude articles from search results

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  • Jacob D


  • Rachel M.

    Agreed! Would love to see this functionality. Our use case is that we've documented our manual processes and host them in our help center, but they aren't particularly helpful for offering product support and our agents are misusing them. We're coaching against it but with our growth this will continue to pose a problem for us.

  • Don

    Having the ability to exclude articles or all articles in a section from appearing in a search will be really helpful.

  • CJ Johnson

    This is the last piece of a technical puzzle I'm trying to solve. I would love to be able to do this. 

  • Jeppe Skafte Johansen

    Would be a very useful feature, I have a lot of material that I would like to be accessible only by link. Today I have to put it in a separate brand which makes it harder to maintain, and much harder for the user to navigate.

  • Trevor Bassett

    Anyone find a solution for this yet?

  • Michael Buckley

    I too am interested in having this functionality built in to the interface. I think we might be able to go to Customise area (click eye icon on left), then edit current theme, and then edit code with a bunch of if-isnt-statements that say, if article isn't x, display in results? But this would be very time-consuming for large quantities of articles, messy and prone to errors. (I'm not 100% if this idea works, but hope this helps someone!)

    I would personally love an option in the interface to exclude articles that have been assigned certain user segments and/or entire categories/sections.

  • Ryan Rawlings

    This is a feature that would be very useful for the company I'm with also.

  • George Denison

    Really would love to have this feature too!!

    We've tried many suggested workarounds, custom code ideas, and even had one of our devs look into it, but nothing has worked. The last workaround we attempted was to add a "hide-search" label to specific guides and then add custom code to omit those labeled guides from search results and search autocomplete.

    Ideally, if Zendesk could implement this as a feature, I see this as a checkbox in the Guide editor sidebar to "hide from search." 

    I've been searching for a solution for a long time, dug through posts dating back a few years, but earlier this year all of the old posts asking for this feature disappeared from the Community site. Happy to see this resurface and hope that a feature can be added or a working solution will be suggested.

  • Michael Buckley

    George Denison I love this idea as a workaround! But how are you identifying the articles with the "hide-search" in the labels? I'm looking through their docs and search result object doesn't have a label property. Objects | Zendesk Developer Docs


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