Please add the ability to report on "received at"

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  • Sydney Neubauer

    100% agree. We have hundreds of emails we manage and to help maintain the emails, we need to ensure we retire old emails. We need to be able to see the volume of each of the emails to see if it is still in use.

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Kelsey and Sydney,

    There's another active thread on this with a comment from our product team here -- if you wouldn't mind, click through, add a comment with your use case and upvote that thread. Thanks! Report on Received At Email Address

    Since we have that other thread already going on this subject, I'm closing the comments here.

  • Jahn Jerenz Bronilla

    Hey Dave Dyson - post about this was 2 years ago but still no update as to when this will be added nor any alternative attribute we can use in the mean time while awaiting for ZD Team to implement this. 

  • João Pedro Ougano•

    This would be such a powerful tool! I currently have to create "workarounds" to achieve this goal. This is basic need! It should be as simple as possible.


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