Alert Admin when all agents are away/inactive

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  • Heather Rommel
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    I like this feature request. I'd tweak my own use case and ask that if this is put in place, allow us to notify whoever we want (person, group, role, etc) since not all Zendesk accounts want the admins to get all the notifications.

  • Taylor Van Valkenburg

    Yes, would also love to have this added as a feature, with specific agents/admins receiving the notifications rather than defaulting to the general zendesk admin. Please consider adding this zendesk! thank you

  • Merete Boy

    Also a vote from me on this one. Would be very useful to get notified when all agents are away/offline.

  • Tony Tse

    +1 for notification for when agents are away/ offline in talk or chat.  This would really help business instead of having to navigate through settings and checking the dashboards periodically.  Thanks for the consideration.

  • Jason Walker-C

    We have many groups/departments in our org. I think the new EAP for "configuring agent status" with the "Omni-channel routing" can help with this. Say a new chat comes in or if a chat is transferred to a group/dept and there is no agent online for that group/dept. We can have a trigger that sends an email to that group letting them know there is a new chat. Then a second trigger that 5 minutes after that, checks to see if an agent has grabbed it. If, no agent has grabbed it, re-assign that chat to another group that helps as a receptionist/queue monitor. 


  • Sean Farrell

    Hi all,

    This would definitely be a useful feature for us to better monitor agent activity and allow us to pull agents back into an Online status when needed.

  • Ollie

    We use chat bots through Ultimate and having an alert come through when the group they sit in goes offline would be ideal.

  • Lydia Forsyth

    Would also like this for talk, when no agents are online to receive a call. 

  • Nora

    This would be perfect!


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