FCR % - I need to find a way to capture % Full Resolution Time < 2 hrs of tickets solved


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  • Ron Stuckey

    From Insights I am currently using

    % FCR

    Number Format #,##0.00%


    SELECT # of FCR tickets / (SELECT # Solved Tickets)

    # of FCR tickets

    SELECT # Solved Tickets WHERE Resolution Time < 2


  • Chandra Robrock
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    Hi @...

    Based on what you've described, I believe the following steps could work for you.

    1. Create a query in Explore in the Support: Tickets dataset
    2. You'll want to create your # of FCR tickets metric by clicking on Calculations (right sidebar) and selecting Standard Calculated Metric
    3. For the formula, you can use something similar to:
      IF VALUE(Full resolution time (hrs)) < 2
      THEN [Ticket ID]
    4. Save the metric
    5. Now, in the Metrics section, add the Solved Tickets metric and the new # of FCR tickets metric you just created. Note: You might need to toggle the metric to calculate based on the COUNT of this metric rather than the SUM.
    6. Next, you'll want to click on the Result Manipulation button (right sidebar) and select Result Metric Calculation. This is where you can create a new metric based on two existing metrics. 
    7. Enter this into the formula box: COUNT(# of FCR tickets)/COUNT(Solved tickets)
    8. Finally, add this new % FCR metric under the Metrics section of your query.

    Here's an example of what the end result should look like once completed, using the Table visualization:

    Hope that helps point you in the right direction!

  • Qin Brian


    We have different definition of FCR.

    During the full resolution duration, users don't visit CS agents again. No matter the tickets are resolved in how many days.

    How can we calculate in Zendesk dashboard?

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Qin,

    It sounds like your definition of first contact resolution matches how the default One-touch tickets is defined in Explore (see How are one-touch resolutions calculated?). You can use this in your reports, similar to the method described by Chandra. The prebuilt Support dashboard actually has a widget that shows the percentage of one-touch tickets.

    This query uses the native % One-touch tickets metric.

    You should be able to use these one-touch metrics when working with the Tickets dataset, and add the queries to your custom dashboard.

  • Qin Brian

    Hi Grab

    Thanks for the reply. The logic of one-touch ticket is to say that if the users repeat visiting, agents will reply more than twice. I can try to use it to verify.


  • Tim Nagel

    For me, COUNT(# of FCR tickets)/COUNT(Solved tickets) always equals 0 in the report. I cant figure out why. 


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