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  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hi @...,

    Thank you for reaching out!

    I will be sure to pass your feedback to our Product Team about adding an email option to the account-wide activity feed on your dashboard, thank you for that suggestion! I would also like to offer some suggestions below: 

    1. On a specific lead/contact, you can see the communication between a sales rep and a lead/contact in your account. Click on the all activity drop-down menu to specify what type of communication you want to see on the record: 
    2. The email outcomes report allows you to filter for emails "Sent from Sell" as well as on specific Leads, Contacts, or Deals. 

    I hope this helps offer some workarounds for viewing your sales rep's emails in your account! 

  • Rodger Bradford

    Hi there, the solution doesn't address the problem of the lack of emails sent information the activity feed.  As a user, I would find this useful and the reporting function only gives me a metric, not the specific emails sent.  

    I don't understand why the activity feed has every type of activity imaginable except for the one that is most commonly used - Email!!!

  • Jay Clementson


    I would like to add in here. Maybe I missed the button but when I am going through the activity reports, am I able to get a daily metric (without having to click through each day and do that myself) as opposed to only a bulk view of a certain timeframe? 

    AKA, I would like a breakdown of each month for how many emails/calls were made each day. 

    Let me know. 

  • Laura Hippert

    Hi @...- Sorry for a delay in reply here! In the Activity Overview report, you can actually filter by a timeframe and see what kind of communication has occurred with you users. (Not just calls and emails, but notes, text messages, tasks, appointments, etc.). I hope this helps!

  • Jay Clementson

    Hello Laura,

    Thank you for your response but, I am looking for a little more.

    In this screenshot, you can see the breakdown which is fine. 

    But, when I switch to the blocking total I no longer have the daily breakdown and I only have the total from that time period.

    I would like to know how I can run a monthly report with a view of the daily volume. 

    Thank you,


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