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  • Dylan Tragjasi
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Anne, you should be able to customize the appearance of bullet points and how they render within your articles by editing your Guide theme. You'd be looking to modify the style.css page in your theme.

    The default theme comes with this configuration for bullet points.

    You can refer to this article for more information on how to customize the CSS of your Help Center as well.

    The issue you have described around pasting content from Google docs into a Zendesk article does sound a little strange. Would you be able to give us a little more information about the sort of content you're copying across that is not rendering correctly for you - we can take a closer look at this one.



  • Stassa Miller

    Hi Dylan,

    I am having the same issue.  I will review the style.css page in my theme.  Thanks for that info.  Please see what I am experiencing below: (see copy and paste view from Google docs into here, it changes the format.  It is the same with bullets or numerical ordering)


    Google docs view:


    Copy and pasted or typed view:

    The Options section is used to define the common real estate related events, options or milestones as part of the initial setup (e.g. Renewal, Expansion, Termination, etc.).

    1. Fill in any known values in this section as follows:
    1. Number of Renewal Options: Enter the number of Renewal Options available upon expiration of the current term.

    Option Length (yrs): Enter the length of the Renewal Option period


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Stassa,

    Have you had the chance to confirm whether or not editing the style.css page helped with this issue?

    We're rather limited on what we can assist with on our end so it may be worth getting a developer involved to look at your theme.

    Let me know!

  • Stassa Miller

    Hi Brett, 

    We have experienced changes to the theme impacting how support tickets are displayed client-facing.  So we won't be making any further changes to the themes at this time. Some changes cause tickets to no longer function properly as determined by Zendesk.

    Thanks for the input and have a great day.

  • Pedro Reis


    We are using a custom theme and the bullets indentation is completely lost when the article is previewed or published. How can we make this work?

    Example of that can be seen here:








  • Erika Camille Sundian

    Hello @...,

    I have some good news! The fix has been deployed and our Technical Engineers have released a patch that addresses this unusual behaviour. With that being said, you should see your formatting returned to normal now. You may need to clear your cache in order to see the correction.

    Please let us know if you're still experiencing the same issue so we could create a private ticket for you and troubleshoot. Thanks!

  • William Grote

    We were dealing with the same issue and just discovered a workaround

    1. Create the doc in MS Word with any formatting you need - bullets, anchors, etc

    2. Save it as Web Page - Filtered. (HTM)  file

    3. Open it in a browser and right click to view the source code

    4. Copy the code 7 paste into the source code box </> in the ZD editor 

    6. Save and preview, then in the regular ZD editor, just replace the image placeholders with the actual images -you must still upload them to the article

    The article will look identical and even preserves the hyper-linked anchors to headers if present

  • Moshe Armel

    Thank you William Grote! I had gotten as far as editing the content in Word, but was finding that I lost control of the sub-bullets and sub-numbered lists. 

    Stassa Miller Thank you for your comment about how changes to the template can break things in tickets. That stopped me from playing with the code without first discussing it will our CS team.  


  • Moshe Armel

    It would be wonderful if Zendesk would allow more robust features in the editor. 


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