Wrap Up Time for Chat Tickets


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  • Lawrence Dye

    My team is also looking for a solution to solve this problem. 

    Focus Mode was a good first step, but in situations where a visitor suddenly leaves the chat, the agent may not have time to manually adjust their status before the next call or chat comes in.

    This leads to a poor experience for the agent and customer, as the agent is unable to focus on one ticket at a time. 

  • Rina

    Lawrence Dye

    Thanks for your support on this. I also am aware of the Focus Mode but face the same issues you noted.

    I also notice that the Zendesk Support interface continues to show the customer as 'active' however if we use the pop-out chat app, it shows the customer is offline/has left the conversation. I have reported this to the Zendesk Team via Help chat this morning.

  • Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you all for writing in.

    I would like to know more about how your agents work. How many conversations do the agents respond at a time? How much time would your agent need for wrap up ? 


    There have been improvements in the wrap experience as part of Agent Workspace and Messaging. I am sharing this information incase there are other followers / viewers with similar feedback. 

    With Agent Workspace, it has become easier for agents to complete wrap up. They can switch to internal notes as part of the same ticket , updates tags and ticket fields without needing to switch between different windows. 

    With messaging, agents can switch to internal notes, updates tags and ticket fields during the conversation. The capacity is released only when the agent submits the ticket as Pending, Solved or On-hold. 



  • Rina

    It can depend on the complexity of the enquiry, but on average agents will answer between 2 - 3 live messages at a time (we have moved from LiveChat to Messaging in recent months).

    We have the ticket wrap-up time currently enabled to 20 mins away time, before it auto reverts to available online status.

    Hope this helps Prakruti Hindia

  • Lawrence Dye

    Prakruti Hindia

    Our team will serve one conversation at a time, as issues require individual attention. We also made the switch to Messaging recently, but have noticed that there are still calls coming in within a certain amount of time while the ticket is still open.

    This prevents the agent from finishing one task before starting another, which is not a workflow that we consider ideal. 

    As far as the Talk wrap-up, we currently have it set to unlimited so the agent can take the time they need to research and resolve one ticket at a time. The reporting features help us ensure this time isn't abused. 

  • ccahoon

    Crucial need for CHATS #Wrap-up time

    Hi @Prakruti Hindia

    I've reviewed your advised Agent Workspace and Messaging refrences.

    And also the applicable area of Chat Routing settings : https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408836490138

    However not able to find a solution to a fundamental requirement of a Chat service.

    Where/how can you set the Agent Routing to apply a set time delay (i.e. 2mins) before serving another chat request to an agent whom has just finished a previous chat?

    We need WRAP UP time for the just finished chat - especially if the customer may have disconnected & the Agent hasnt time to Change status to AWAY before being auto served a new chat customer.

  • Zendesk Operations (ZJ)


    I would also like to put in a vote for this feature. Our team handles up to 2 chats at a time, and having additional time following a chat being closed (10 minutes) to perform client requests, and escalate the ticket if needed would allow much more flexibility for the team to ensure each request is prioritized, without having to manually set oneself to invisible.

  • Patrick Molyneaux

    Hi there,

    I'd also like to throw my hat in the ring for this feature request. We recently rolled out chat for our team, and most of our chats require our agents to perform a few tasks on behalf of the customer. Ideally we would complete these tasks while the customer is in the chat session, but more and more often customers will abruptly leave the chat session, and a new chat will be assigned before our agent can complete their task. This makes servicing chats unnecessarily stressful for our agents, so I'd love to see something like this implemented soon. Thanks!

  • George Parackel

    Hi There,


    This is an extremely important functionality for us. Similar to Talk, we would want "Wrap up Time" to be made available for chats too. This will enable our agents to spend time completing all ticket related activities without having to keep it pending for end of day

  • Kayla Roden

    Echoing all of the sentiments above. We also require a Chat Wrap Up time. Our agents currently are expected to handle 2 concurrent chats, but as customers drop out of live chats, Zendesk automatically routes them another chat without them having the ability to wrap up the ticket on the chat they'd been working on. This results in agents manipulating the away/invisible statuses to give themselves time to work on their chats, making it difficult for us to track actual online agents and properly staff to our chat requirements.


    Is there an update on if/when this may be introduced?

  • Tanner

    Adding to this in hopes that Zendesk comes through with this crucial, missing feature. As an organization that relies heavily on adherence and acceptance as core metrics, our agents struggle to adequately hand wrap-up tasks when new chats are assigned almost immediately after a chat ends. 

    I have seen larger companies develop their own software to route chats better, but we're not all blessed with Shopify Support-level budgets. Zendesk has been providing wrap-up time on a single-interaction channel like Talk for years, so it's wild that you are so far behind on a more refined experience for a high-concurrency channel like chat/messaging. 

    Please step it up and deliver on the basics!

  • Jakub Tabaka

    Absolutely, implementing a wrap-up time for chat sessions (in messaging) would significantly enhance our company's operations. This feature would not only ensure that we provide comprehensive and thoughtful responses to our customers, but also allow our team members to efficiently conclude conversations without rushing. This dedicated period at the end of chats can facilitate the documentation of important details, ensure all inquiries are adequately addressed, and ultimately contribute to a more organised customer service experience.


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