Add "Back" step in "Flow Builder"

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    Shiyu Zhu
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone, 

    Thank you for the feedback. I want to let you know that this is a problem that the team is looking at. We will be sure to come back on this thread once we have timelines to share. Stay tuned. 


  • Bob

    Hi Lisa Tam!
    We see that they are making a great effort to make the zendesk bot much more updated to these times.
    Unfortunately, Zendesk has fallen behind at least two years in this matter and today not having the possibility to go back or restart the flow (always from the point of view of an end user) is something that all bots, even the most humble they have.
    They should reconcile within their improvement priorities plan to add this point within the top five, since from the point of view of user experience it is easier and better to have a back/start option than to constantly write questions to find the option adequate... not to mention arming all those intentions.
    Please consider this point.
    Sincerely, Team Witbor.

  • Kate Horner

    I agree. The amount you pay for an enterprise plan to lack basic features is ridiculous. These are standard basic bot functions, and we should not have to pay thousands of dollars more to have a third-party vendor bot for something so simple. Right now you have to completely kill the web page or hard close a mobile app if it is embedded with the SDK. This is not functional! This causes a poor end-user experience and as Zendesk itself advertises the percentage of people leaving after just one poor experience is insane. I find it terrible that this chat has gone on for over a year and the problem isn't resolved for paying Customers who are trying to have a functional bot.  

    We need
    Restart Button: 
    Go all the way back to the initial greeting. The button can say anything from "Begin Again," "Start Over," "New Topic." We should be able to place and have full control over where this button goes as certain flows may differ from others. 

    Back Button: Just go back one step. Again we need full control over where this is placed as it won't there will be a certain flow you need to adjust where it is. 

    Answer Bot Function: Also, can we have it where they can ask questions as they do in Answer Bot to pull in the rest of your help center? Seems a waste to not be intuitive enough to marry the two features. 

  • Thiago Fernandes

    ZD just launched a 'Fallback' feature to the bot, I have been trying it but it does not work properly and does not do what it is supposed to, it does not take customers back to the initial menu and it does not recognise when something that is not in the flows is typed in, in fact, it is making the experience even more frustrating so I will not be using this new functionality, now I ask, WHY waste time creating something that is frustrating to us instead of simply listening to your customers and add the 'back' bottom, as the comment above, as my previous comment here months ago and many others for the past year, it is mind-blowing the lack of customer focus and adapting to your customer's needs.

    If creating the BACK bottom or the Restart bottom is so difficult can you PLEASE at least add the ability to add 'training' questions' to this new FALLBACK function so at least we can train the bot to recognise words and sentences such as: back, go back, return to menu, back to start, restart and so on, so when customers type those it will at least take them to where you need them to be instead of giving them random flows

  • Bob

    please Zendesk, stop losing customers unnecessarily over something as simple as this.
    Does the brand want to be #1? Are they really interested in being #1 in the market? Details like these make them lose ground to the competition. It's been over a year now and they don't give a solution.
    Put a solution date please!
    I can assure you that I am already embarrassed to explain to my prospects the inexplicability of this more than strange way of not being able to restart the flow.

  • Thiago Fernandes

    There must be an option for customers to return to the main menu in the bot flows otherwise it is a pointless exercise as it can create more frustration than actually help them and the income of tickets with the wrong contact reasons will be huge, I'm in the process of launching our answer bot and not having that option is just not viable, how difficult it is for ZD to add that feature? Every other bot already has it.


  • Abdallah Abuelezz

    This is not acceptable for high-engagement businesses where end users might need help on multiple different topics throughout a day. Not only does it ruin the user experience, but also our ability to categorize tickets per topic which is fundamentally important.


    You have the ability to manage multiple conversations in your own live chat but you don't want to give it to your customers? This is bizarre and unacceptable and it's forcing us to reconsider implementing Zendesk as this behavior does not inspire trust.

  • LottieFiles

    There's clearly a need for this "Go back" flow which is a very basic thing in every other common bot.

    Not sure why Zendesk doesn't consider this and taking a super long time to deploy.

    It's a shame the premium we are paying for it and we have to request the basic functionality. 

  • Kate Horner

    Zendesk Zendesk Team Zendesk Devs
    An ETA would be great. This bot creates a horrible experience for the end user. It needs to have:

    • Go back a step
    • Go back to the beginning
    • Search the entire help center
    • They need to be able to close out that search, especially when they submit a request. It should not stay open and prevent them from doing new searches to help themselves.

    This is basic bot stuff. We pay a lot for a feature that is not functional. To spend thousands more for a functional product is disappointing. Zendesk promotes trying to help people be the best in Customer Service but is failing to provide us with the tools to do this and are not listening to their own customer's needs. 

  • Bob

    Since this thread started claiming the action to go back or go back to the beginning; Humanity discovered life on Mars, AI is about to make Sarah Connor's deepest fears come true, Swiss and US banks went bankrupt, Twitter was sold, humanity suffered and overcame the Covid-19 pandemic, Argentina emerged world champion (but it does not lower its annual inflation)... what else has to happen for humanity to have the improvement in the zendesk bot? Please....

    A little humor, please don't take it the wrong way. There are many of us waiting for this patch and we have been waiting for a looooong time...

  • LottieFiles

    Lisa Tam

    Echoing Masako's point, is there a way to add the "Back" button in the flow builder? 

    Currently, we have a long branch in the flow builder and realized that, if we accidentally select an option, there's no way we could go 1 step back rather start all over again.

  • laura abraham

    I have to strongly agree here. Back and Start over buttons are absolutely standard functionalities for a bot and we don't understand why these buttons don't exist in Zendesk Flow. From our point of view, a simple "back" button after each step in the flow would be enough for the beginning. That would be better than the current state in any case. It is extremely frustrating when the customer does not get to the start of the bot, especially when he has opened a ticket and has another request. This can lead to leaving our site.


    Status update please?

  • Harper Dane

    Lisa Tam

    We have some updates coming next year (H1) to help end users locate the answers to their problems quicker by typing in a new question and the bot will locate the right topic so the user will no longer be stuck in the middle of the flow.

    I appreciate what your team was trying to do here, but unfortunately this doesn't solve the problem.

    End Users don't know that "Zendesk now allows you to type a new question" — and even if they did, they frequently type long or confusing phrases. As an admin, I could work for a thousand years on keywording for all those scenarios, and still never see the end of keyword-based "AI training," such as it is.

    Your product isn't using NLP, so relying on freeform text entry from End Users is simply never going to result in a great experience.

    Zendesk customers still need the ability to add a persistent "Go Back" option, where End Users can start over and select from button options instead of typing.

    If anything, we need to prevent End Users from typing into the widget. Not more ways to encourage frustrating free-entry misinterpretations.

  • Jason Walker-C

    After a deeper investigation and user feedback testing this is a bigger issue than first investigation. Many users give up or are caught in a loop. Users have expressed a huge need for a simple back button. Start over sends them way to far back.

  • 小林正左子

    Hi, Lisa & Team

    The features we added this time were not what we wanted.
    Very disappointing.

    Why can't you understand that it is enough if there is ( only one) step for users to return to the first option when they realize they made a mistake in the middle of a question?

    Furthermore, it is as if Zendesk is saying, "If you have enough answers, it will work fine" when it is impossible to predict how many questions a user will ask.

    It's getting harder and harder to use!

  • Lisa Tam
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, thank you for sharing your feedback on the "Restart" and "Back" buttons. We will take this into consideration as we continue to iterate on the experience. A couple of questions I have to ensure I understand the use-case better,

    • Restart button configuration - Is this is something you will require full control over where to place this button or would simply appending this to the end of each answer would met all your use-case needs?

    • Back button - How large are your answers typically, and would a back button be required on every step in the answer flow? Or would you only need this for certain circumstances?


  • 小林正左子

    Hello with Lisa&Team!

    Restart Button.
    If this button means "from the beginning", I would like to have full control over its placement.

    Back button.
    If this button means "go back one step," then we want to be able to use the "back" button at each step of the answer flow.

  • Bob

    Hello lisa.
    It's good that you are interested in this much-needed functionality for the Zendesk bot to stand up to its competitors.

    Look at the attached screenshot (colored in yellow), you will see the first button "Back to previous menu", it literally goes back one step in the flow, showing the previous options.
    The second button "Back to main menu" restarts the entire flow and returns the end user to the beginning of the conversation, as if it were the first time they entered the bot.


    In a way it is as if they press the "New Conversation" button of their current trading and support bot.


  • Gena Will

    I prefer adding a step: go back to the previous step.

    What if there are 100 steps in a workflow, a customer is already in step 99, but accidently selects the wrong option in step 99, they have to start over, that's quite frustrated, so 'Go back to previous step' is neccesary!

  • Bob

    Team Zendesk please get your act together with this topic. The world demands it!!! We only ask for 1 button, 1 button!

    Prove that you are #1 and you will remain #1.

    Remember that outside the competition is fierce!!!


  • laura abraham

    Ironically, the exact feature is already available for the bot, but only as an addon from an external service provider, which of course you have to pay for again. 

    Zendesk would just have to replicate that functionality. :-)

  • 小林正左子

    It has been almost a year since I submitted my request and I am very distrustful of whether they are trying to take action or pretend it never happened.

  • Stéphanie Plavinet

    Hello, is it possible to have any ETA or visibility regarding this request? We are all waiting for several years now. 

  • Tommy

    Much needed improvement

  • Sam Swanson

    Crucial, I am ready to pay for Zendesk, but I can not even test my bot as it seems stuck in old conversation. It needs a "restart" at least or is not fit for purpose.

  • Adam Whibley

    Hello Lisa Tam, 

    I wondered when a "back" or "restart" button could be added to the flow builder. I noticed when one types in "start over" it will prompt you to do so, so could we simply have a button that would perform this function as well so it is clear to the end user? 

    Thank you

  • Will Yolen

    I wholeheartedly agree with the other customers who have posted here. The lack of a "back button" or "back to main menu button" is a huge miss and needs to be addresses asap. As mentioned before:

    - We should have the option to have a back button at every step of the flow

    - We should have the option to place a "back to main menu" button wherever we see fit. 


    Can zendesk share an estimate for when this feature will be released?

  • Andy F.

    Adding my voice to the choir on this one, a back button that could be implemented in flow builder would be extremely helpful. Agree with Will and Masako.

  • Carolina Loaiza

    we were reviewing this tool for our clients and we loved it but when we found this usability bug where users can't go back one step or go to the initial menu we were forced to give up on the tool.


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