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  • Nikki

    I would also add the request that a notification not go out by default for every update, but some way to opt to notify upon update or not. For example, have the option to "Save Update", or "Save and Notify Followers". Sometimes you might make a minor change, like correct a typo, and you wouldn't want to draw special attention to it with an email blast. 


    I also use one single article to update with new release notes. I've decided to enable comments so that I can comment about the update, but make comment moderation required so that we don't get public comments. I could also opt to turn on comments for the article, make my comment, and then turn comments back off. I also saw the suggestion elsewhere that we could delete the comment to reduce clutter. My point is, the workaround isn't TOO tricky but "Save and Notify Followers" seems like a good solution.

  • Josef Prandstetter
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hello Tetiana Gron

    For us this is also an import feature - our scenario:

    We are a software vendor which is affected by the Log4j vulnerability in several product families.

    We have provided Help Center articles on the current state of knowledge to our customers and partners promptly after the vulnerability became known.
    In the last few days this status has been constantly changing regarding workaround, mitigation or solution.
    We have assumed that customers and partners will be notified of any changes as we make changes in the original post and they follow it.
    We do not consider a separate post for each update be overseeable and purposeful.

    Is our motivation for this change understandable?

  • Fredrik Bäckman

    What else is the purpose of following an article?
    You should fix this as soon as possible.

  • Julie Keith

    We need the same functionality. I agree, why else would you follow an article? Our customers assume they will be notified if we update the page and then come back to us upset when they were not notified. 

  • Stephen


    I have posted my feedback in the other thread on this topic (

    I would also echo Nikki's comment that it would be optional to send an update to customers on an articles update. As mentioned, if there is a typo, we don't necessarily need to notify everyone, but if there were a major update posted, it would be great.

    Best regards,

  • Christopher Dumas

    I m agree ! Update = notification :)

  • Josef Prandstetter
    Zendesk Luminary

    Any news on this feature request yet?

    We now have another use case where we would urgently need this feature:
    We are currently implementing a download portal for our various product lines via corresponding Helpcenter articles.
    These articles are created and especially modified via a development pipeline using the Zendesk API.
    Of course, we want our customers and partners to be notified when we make new software downloads available.

  • Tetiana Gron
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Boryana Beleva,

    Thanks for the post, we are looking how this can be improved. 

  • Ad Astra Support

    I agree!

  • Tetiana Gron
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you Josef Prandstetter for sharing your company use case. 

  • Crowdin Team

    Webhooks about new/modified articles would be perfect for integration purposes too.

    There is existing integration between Crowdin and Zendesk, it uploads articles for translation and delivers translations back. Currently, we have to pull all source articles from Zendesk periodically and compare them with existing files in Crowdin.

    * If we detect a new article, it's uploaded

    * If we detect a modified article, the existing file in Crowdin is updated

    When KB is quite large, it takes time to synchronize everything. Webhooks will dramatically decrease the number of requests Crowdin needs to submit to ZD, it will make the integration > x10 faster.

    Webhooks will be extremely useful for different kinds of integrations, so we truly hope Zendesk team will put them on the roadmap for the near future 🙏

  • Lance Brewer

    I was directed to leave a feature request comment by Zendesk Support to this thread, although it's not exactly related to what I am asking for...It would be nice to allow, after the creation of a KB article, to specify a notification group to make aware that the article was created (for instance, all agents, or agents in a certain group, specific customers, all customers, etc.) Whenever we create an article, we announce it internally to all agents / team members. We have to copy and paste the link and the contents of the article to an email and send out manually. It's fine, but it would be nicer to have this communication function within the Zendesk tool directly to automatically send out. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Nikki Goodson

    Lance - in the meantime, this might help you:

    People can "follow" *sections* (not just articles) so as long as you create the new articles inside that section, all followers will be notified of the new article creation. 


    Hope that helps!

  • Farooq

    I like to add here: Can we create notifications for articles expiry ? / some articles will be legacy article which have to move/ modify, this request should go to creator of those article. @Tetiana Gron

  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Farooq
    Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, besides addressing security issues we are not planning to expand the notification functionality for articles in the near future. 


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