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  • Ifra Saqlain
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    You can create this feature with the custom page option in Zendesk guide.


    1). Create a custom page for your special articles which you want to show in versions.

    2). Click Add dropdown link and select Custom page.


    3). Set the name of the page with a version number.

    4). Click Add custom page button.

    5). Now, you have a blank page, you can write your article content for that version.


    6). And now, you have a page URL. Click three dots you can see that click > and copy URL.


    7). Yyou can create a dropdown list with HTML, CSS, and JS.

    8). Copy the page URL and link in the options as Laravel did.



    I know you are asking for a Zendesk default feature, I think Zendesk doesn't provide this feature by default, of course, Zendesk has a history of articles - when you created when you updated when you edited.


    Hope it would be a little help for you.


    Team Diziana


  • Vemmal N

    Hi Ifra Saqlain

    Thank you so much for the workaround and yes, I was looking for a way if ZD had its own default settings but looks like no. Let me give it a try and see how that turns out to be.

  • Haleeza

    Hi Ifra Saqlain

    Thanks for the suggestion. It is working but the versioning will be available on every articles since the setup (steps 7 &8) is done on the article page. 

    Is there a way to make the version available only on articles under a particular Category/ Section?

  • Ifra Saqlain
    Community Moderator
    Most Engaged Community Member of The Year - 2021

    Hello Haleeza,

    Yes, you can show the dropdown button (Version) on articles under specific section.

    You need to check the section ID where your articles exist for versioning.


    You can find your section id in searchbar, when you click on that section > you will reach on the section page > See the searchbar > you have section ID (numbers) > Copy those number > Paste inside the {{#is PASTE  HERE}}



    Under Announcement section, button exists - Versons


    Under FAQ section, button doesn't exists



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