I want to Integrate zendesk with my chatbot what are solutions for that?

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  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Devam! Take a look at our documentation on this topic and let us know if you have additional questions!

  • Devam Parikh

    Hi Greg, thanks for help. Do you know where can I see chat created in Zendesk agent dashboard when I create chat using https://developer.zendesk.com/api-reference/live-chat/chat-api/chats/#create-chat API?

  • Bom Proapp

    Hi Greg, I have same question but for my case, the bot have its own widget. What I want is when the user want to chat with agent, the bot switch to Zendesk which the agent can chat with the user via ticket and the message from agent can display in my chatbot widget. For sunshine conversation, it supports for a channel  e.g. LINE, Twitter, WhatsApp  so I don't sure how can I integrate my chatbot to the Zendesk.

  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Pakpoom! I haven't had a chance to work in this capacity with Sunshine Conversations, but I do believe that this is what you're looking for. If that isn't correct, just let me know and I'll find a resource here that can help!

  • Mousumi Sharma

    Hey Devam, 

    You can easily create a chatbot and integrate it with Zendesk, Here is the quick solution:

    To set up the chatbot and integrate it with Zendesk, you need a conversation automation tool for customer support teams, such as Kommunicate which is easy to use since it's a no code platform. You can create a chatbot with Kommunicate and then Navigate to the Integrations menu in dashboard and select the Zendesk

    Select the Zendesk and then a popup will come:

    Now after this you need to add the details which it's showing in the pop up:

    To begin, log in to the Zendesk dashboard and obtain the credentials listed below.

    • Email – The same email address that is used for logging into the Zendesk account.
    • Access Token – To obtain the access token, Go to the Zendesk admin centre and select the Zendesk API from the Apps and integrations category on the left panel. Choose an active API token from the list in the section. If you’re creating an API token for the first time, remember to enable and activate it.
    • Subdomain – The subdomain can be found in the URL of the Zendesk account, for example https://yoursubdomain.zendesk.com.
    • Zendesk ChatSDK Key – By selecting the APP palette in the right upper corner, you can get to your Zendesk chat dashboard.

    With this integration, you can easily build a chatbot that can answer your customers 24×7. You can now use Zendesk Chat for handling & routing customer queries and Kommunicate for managing everything else like assigning conversations to agents, setting trigger & reply automation, etc.

    For more details check out this link



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