Can I add the form id in my activities table to identify which form was used for each request listed?

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  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Jose, while there are certain items you can add to the My Activities page (see How can I add content to the Help Center Request list page activities?), the form id is not one of them. Can you add some detail to your use case here? This template will help provide our product team with the information they need. Thanks! 
  • Jose Arteaga

    Post Title: 

    Identify the origin form where every request was created in My Activities view.

    Feature Request Summary: 

    Zendesk should provide a property inside the Request Object to identify which form the request was created with.

    Description/Use Cases: 

    If the company provides two different forms for different purposes, for instance, the first form is for submit an issue ticket, and the second form to request a new feature in our service. It would be very helpful to see in My Activities if the request is an issue or new feature request according to the form where it was created.

    Business impact of limitation or missing feature:

    This would be very handy to our agents to filter the request by its respective form where it was created (issue or new feature as an example).

    Thanks in advance,

  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks Jose!
  • Jose Arteaga

    Hi @..., by any chance do you have any update?

    Thanks in advance!


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