Messaging Web Widget: Flow Builder > Automatically Transfer to Agent if customer had to "Start Over" more than once

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  • Lisa Tam
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Harper, 

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. We have some updates coming in Q4 that may help with the problem you're describing here where the fallback experience will be configurable. You can append answers to it such as Transfer to Agent, suggest other popular answers or replicate the greetings pinned answers. With this update, end-users will never be in the "loop" as they can be provided alternative options immediately. Do let me know if you feel this can solve the problem you're having. 


  • Shane Monaco

    Hi, this is a pain point for us as well.  Would love for the ability to have "start over" as a flow step to prompt our visitors back to the top of the flow.  Right now it will take them 2-3 steps or clicks to get there.  

  • 藤岡 慎也





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