Can I force internal notes for a specific workflow?


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  • Ahmed Zaid
    Community Moderator

    I would recommend using a macro with a list of actions including the form, comment privacy, etc. You will need to train your agents to use the macro instead of manually filling the form.

    Further restrictions to the public comments by agents to those tickets can be enforced with a custom app.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi David,

    As Ahmed suggested (thanks for answering, Ahmed!) a macro will be the best way to accomplish this. The triggers that automate things in the ticketing system do not enable automated internal notes. 

    There is an existing feature request for this functionality that you can up vote and add your voice to, though I'll note it's not currently on the roadmap: 

    Feature request: Triggers - Action:  Add Internal Note as Trigger Action


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