Zendesk App Proxy Not Allowed

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  • Eric Nelson
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hey Bryan,

    Sorry to hear that you're having issues. The requests wouldn't be able to be made via postman as the proxy is only available to Zendesk apps installed into a Zendesk instance. This article should help explain it and I'd also suggest going through this tutorial on how to build a zendesk app. If you're encountering this issue as well from within a Zendesk app, please let me know!

  • anton melnyk

    Hi Eric Nelson,
    Could you please help me
    I getting this error "Proxy not allowed" when try to send "GET" request to external endpoint.

    client.request({url: "https://url", type: "GET"});

  • Tipene Hughes
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hey Anton!
    Can you try adding cors: true to the request options. This will prevent the request from routing through the Zendesk proxy server. 

    If you continue to see the error, let me know and we can look in to this in more detail.

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