ZAF call to hide and show option values is slow and blocks browser completely

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  • Howard TestLastName

    I had the same issue with another provider and "workspace rules" - I mean that's a lot of fields you're hiding, but as you say it was working. 

    We had nowhere near as many fields but same issue, and we had to get the cache specifically for that function / field increased by the software provider. Not sure that's gonna work for you here as the fields are all distinct by the sounds of it - we were hiding multiple values (hundreds) on a menu field on page load dependent on rules..... but maybe they've dropped the cached amount as a way to increase general performance (what happened to us). I could just be talking rubbish :)

  • Alan Byrne

    To clarify, I am not hiding lots of fields, but hiding lots of field values within a single field.

  • Zach Anthony
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Alan, thanks for reaching out and letting us know about the performance issue you're facing. I'll reach out to you for more details to see how we can improve this.


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