Can Zendesk tell me when a customer is currently logged in

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  • Ahmed Zaid
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     Hi Andrew,

    The only way to tell if the user you are chatting with is logged in is through JWT signed by a pre-generated secret from Zendesk. See Authenticating end users in messaging for the Web Widget and mobile SDK.

    It is important to train agents to monitor the verification tick in agent workspace:


    You might have noticed the limitation where only external_id is used to identify end user and email attribute is being ignored even if it was included in the JWT. However, this was announced to be on the roadmap for Q1 2023 as I noticed on one of the topics (don't quote me on that though as I am not from Zendesk). The current workaround that I thought of (but not implemented personally) is syncing your end user external ids from your system to Zendesk, or provisioning SSO for end users.

    Best of luck.


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