Is it possible to bulk archive community posts?


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  • Pankaj Kukreti

    Erin McDougal
    On a high level, Yes it's possible to bulk-move the community posts. We have done it on another community platform called Vanilla Forums. Are you looking for a vendor who can help with it?

  • Erin McDougal

    No, not looking for a vendor to support. I want to accomplish this with the built-in functionality within Zendesk, and learn if anyone has been able to make this work within Zendesk. Anyone else have suggestions on how to bulk archive community posts using Zendesk functionality?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Erin, 

    Bulk archive is not an out of the box functionality for Gather. There is a topic ID endpoint in the Help Center API, so you could probably have someone write a script that could change the topic IDs for a list of posts over to your "archive" topic. But that is the only way I know of to accomplish it. 


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