Prepping for Corporate Domain Change


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  • Julio H
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Joshua,

    I understand that your Zendesk subdomain will not change, so the CNAME will be the same, however, it must be created under the new domain hosting DNS and in the Admin center, the host mapping must be updated to the new url.
    • Hostmapping, CNAME, SPF, DNS, etc. for new domain (Are there any changes necessary for original domain?)

      The new domain will have to add the Zendesk SPF, DKIM, the same Zendesk records from the previous subdomain. 
    • SSO impacts
    You might need to update the login and logout URL and set it up as per your SSO provider. Also, remember that agents will have a new email address to login, this must be updated in Zendesk too, as primary email address to avoid login issues
    • Email forwarding
    This is very important, if you will have new email addresses in place they must be added in Zendesk and the forwarding must be active.
    • Zendesk signatures
    If you have a brand under this old domain, you might need to update all branding in regard to the previous domain with the new one. 

    (signatures, help center theme and content, triggers, automations)

    • Deprecate old email addresses (any suggestions or cautions here)

      You can create a routing rule in your email provider to route the old addresses to the new address for a certain amount of time, just in case old customer are contacting those address.

      I will recommend reviewing your internal workflow to see if there is any branding on them, to be updated with the new domain. 

      I hope this helps! 

  • Joshua Bentley

    Super helpful! Thank you!


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