Is there any way to pre-populate a community topic post


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  • Ahmed Zaid
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    Hi William Lamons,

    Quoting our community manager's answer to a similar question:

    There's no native way to set up a template for your end-users when they submit a post within Gather. I recommend creating a feedback post in our Gather Feedback topic using the template provided here:
    A workaround for now is to provide a template post similar to the one I shared and pin the post in your relevant topics. Let us know if you have any other questions!


    Now, for a non-native way, if your developers are up for some Guide theme customisation, it could be possible to set default values for the new topic title and body. However, this will likely be hardcoded in your theme and not convenient to change for non technical admins.

  • Pankaj Kukreti

    Hi William Lamons
    As there is no native way to do it, however, if you truly need some custom help! I'm delighted to connect with a team of energetic developers who thrive on such challenges:-)


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