How to see which agents in my group are currently logged on to answer tickets


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  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator

    Hi Larry, you may want to set this up in Zendesk Explore. There is live data you can add. 

    Might want to check this useful link - 

  • Larry Browning

    Thanks for that answer Jahn.  I guess I failed to mention we are only at the professional level, and that article says that feature is only available to Enterprise level and above. 
    I do not know what Zendesk Explore is, but I am afraid that may not be available to us either. 

  • Larry Browning

    We have come up with a solution outside of Zendesk that we believe will work pretty well for us, but we have to be disciplined enough to manually keep it correct.  We would prefer something internal to ZD, but this is not going to be a show stopper for us anymore.



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