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  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Shweta,
    I see that you have a concern about segregating the time spent on parent and child tickets. This is possible as long as you have a unique identifier for your childs tickets. Since both of them are technically the same (tickets).
    Looking at the sample table you sent, it may require another metric that is already filtered to child tickets. For example: 
    Metric 1 = measures the time spent on Parent ticket. 
    Metric 2 = measures the time spent on a Child ticket. 
    You can see that using two metrics will bring you a result similar to the table you sent.

    It may require you to create your custom metric for that, the sample I sent is just for demonstration purposes only.
    You can probably use an "IF ELSE THEN" logic to capture the time spent on the parent ticket and another metric for the child ticket. In that way, you can have time spent measured separately and add it to your report as two separate metrics but this is just an idea and it will still depend on your team on how you want to create those metrics.
    You may check our documentation here as a start: 
    I hope this helps. Thank you!
  • shweta Ankalaki

    Hey Gabriel Manlapig,

    Thanks for your response.

    Could you please suggest to us the Formula of the custom metrics that gives the different parent and child time logs in different columns?

    It would be more helpful for us.


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