[Solved] What is the API's expected behavior of "position" as a Ticket Field Option?

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  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Eric! The position attribute for the Ticket Fields endpoint affects the position of ticket fields when an account does not have multiple ticket form functionality. If your account does have multiple ticket forms, then the position of ticket fields is controlled by the order in which the fields are listed in the ticket_field_ids parameter of the Ticket Forms API. 
    That being said, in order to prevent any potential issues, we recommend starting with position 1 and increasing sequentially by 1.
    If you want to change the position of an existing option in a dropdown field, you will either need to click and drag the option to the appropriate spot in the UI or list the options in the order you want with the custom_field_options parameter in the Ticket Fields API. 
  • Eric

    Thank you, Sabra. Based on your response, you can consider this resolved.

    If you have a chance to connect with the documentation team, I think it would be helpful if https://developer.zendesk.com/api-reference/ticketing/tickets/ticket_fields/ was updated with your information (foremost that reposting the entire `custom_field_options` array is the way to change the drop down order within the API).


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