Lead History - Ownership Changes to Records

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  • alexhipo

    To check the ownership change history in Zendesk Sell, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the lead or contact record whose ownership history you want to review.
    2. Look for an "Activity" tab or section on the lead or contact page. This is where you can find the activity history of the record.
    3. In the activity history, you should be able to see events such as "Lead/Contact assigned to [New Owner]" or "Lead/Contact ownership changed to [New Owner]." These entries will indicate when the ownership was reassigned and who the new owner is.
  • Wesley Simpson

    Are there limitations to when this is visible in the Activity tab? It's almost uncommon for us to see any sort of lead reassignment changes there and it never says who made the change. Also does it normally say it upon lead creating as well?


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