Include custom fields in Organization and Requester Zendesk Support search

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  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Marjana, I just want to make sure – have you seen Searching custom user and organization fields? If so, can you provide some examples of results you're not able to find via search (using hypothetical data of course, not your actual customer data)? Thanks!

  • Marjana Cowan

    Thanks for the article. This does help some - we can train agents on this. However, this is not intuitive. I would expect that all fields, custom or not would be included in a general search. For instance, if organizations have a custom field called "City" and there is an organization with a value of "Columbus" in that field, I would think that typing "Columbus" in the top search field without the filter syntax would return that organization. Today, that does not happen. 

  • Bill Brooks

    I echo Marjana's comments. 

    Having the general search find data which is in custom organization or contact fields is something that my company would also greatly benefit from.

    We have a field called Acronym.  For a hypothetical example: we would have Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an Organization, with MIT in the Acronym field. 

    We would have expected that searching for MIT in the general search would result in Massachusetts Institute of Technology show up in the search results.  This does not happen, and seems like a flaw in Zendesk. 

    Please let us know if adding custom fields data into general search is on the road map for future versions of zendesk.


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