Zendesk Live Dashboard: Data Filters

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  • CJ Johnson

    Agreed, I'm already dreading having to explain to everyone who sees it to not get excited, because it's unusable for us without these filters. I really, really, wish this had at least forms as an option for filtering. 

  • Illation ZendekTeam

    The live data filters are almost useless currently for the following reasons:

    1. There is no ability to multi-select / exclude (like the filters in Explore) - as we have multiple groups that form part of, say, Customer Service who are managed by the same person
    2. We need filters for more than just group - we have teams (assignee tags)
    3. Filters should be editable like in Explore
    4. Live data is essentially to be used on wallboard displays and the current structures make this extremely limited

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