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  • James Persson

    Is anyone able to help or advise on MMS in Australia?

    If I've ported a number in will it continue to receive MMS in Twilio connected to Zendesk in Australia?

  • Lewis G

    Hey James,

    From what I've learnt with some of our customers here in Australia (that we've implemented for), it seems Twilio, which the service is built on, does not offer MMS outside of the US. I know ZD are aware of it but doesn't seem to be in this years Roadmap. Hopefully happens asap!

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi James,
    That's right, like what Lewis mentioned, Twilio only supports MMS in the US and Canada, so at the moment, it's not possible to send/receive MMS via Zendesk Talk in other countries. If you have some time to spare, I encourage you to start a thread about this in Feedback - Voice-Talk topic to engage with other users in need of the same feature and discuss possible workarounds. While the possibility of having MMS available outside the US and Canada would depend on our telephony service provider, Twilio, this would be helpful in gauging how this impacts users; threads with high engagement ultimately gets flagged by the Product team for roadmap planning. Thank you!

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