How does the Ticket: Comment Text condition work in business rules? Follow



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    Bill Sammons

    Is the check for the presence of the string case-sensitive?  Will a condition set as "hello" catch "HELLO" or "Hello"?

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Bill - 

    I did some testing and it does not appear to be case-sensitive, so a condition should catch all of it. 

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    Jonathan Marra

    how do i create a string for two words that show up in the same comment text?  IE.  This AND that function.  This is not a String but instead a user who spelled two words anywhere in the comment text.  


    Website AND down.  not necessarily "website down" but website and somewhere else in the comment he mentions down.

    thank you

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    Justin Smith

    Hey Jonathan,

    Justin here from the advocacy team.

    For that sort of trigger function you would want to use two separate Ticket Comment text contains the following words conditions in the All section of your trigger logic.  All items in the All section of the trigger need to be met, so if you create one condition with Ticket comment text contains: Website and another that is Ticket comment text contains: Down then both of those conditions would need to be met in order for that trigger to fire off.

    I hope that helps clear things up!

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