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    lol, so slow.

    I ended up creating my own custom widget and now my site is back to averaging 1-second page loads.

    I just used a former.html / former.php code as a base, used a simple floating button widget (<1kb), used the existing Bootstrap modal code and a bit of jQuery, then customized the former.php code to add the web_widget tag and append "Submitted from: [link]" so it functions the same and I can still see the relevant data in my reports. 

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    David Walsh

    The file size is 1.3mb; 420kb gzipped;

    On a 3G connection the file alone counts for 3 seconds of load.  Its impossible for a site to have a decent site speed and also have this script.  

    Do you really need to supply the whole worlds locales with this script, could you not divide it to provide users with their browser accepted locale?

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