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Is it possible to automate the routing of calls to a particular phone number depending on the time of day? For example would it be possible to have calls routed differently outside of the hours of a given schedule for an on-call/after-hours team?


  • Must have Talk Advanced for IVR
  • At least a Team plan, or Professional or Enterprise Support plan if using schedules


There is no way to auto route calls based on a specific set of "business hours" that are setup within Zendesk. Talk is set up so you can apply one "business hours" schedule to a phone number.  Talk is also set up to automatically route calls to voicemail if a call is received outside of the applied schedule. 

This means if you have a schedule setup for your business hours, within Zendesk (ex. 8:00am - 5:00pm) and apply that schedule to a specific Talk number, any calls that are received outside of this schedule will be routed straight to voicemail for that number.

You can read more about this here:

There are a couple possible workarounds for this:

Talk about your business hours in your IVR greeting: This is by far the simplest option--you can update your greeting to include a message about your business hours, indicating something to the effect of, "Our normal business hours are 8-5, if you're calling outside this timeframe and need immediate assistance, please press 3" From there, you can have that number route to a different number or forward the call to an external number. Below are some resources to assist with setting this up:

Write a script: If you have the means to, you could theoretically write and run a script using the API to automate adjusting your settings so if a call comes in during normal hours, go here, if not go there. 

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