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    Why is it not possible to edit a post? Everyone makes mistakes, even if you are careful not to make them....
    And there is a edit button nearly everywhere on the net.
    In nearly every "posting system" you can edit your post, sometimes only for a short period of time like "within 60min after posting". So please add a possibility to edit to the ticket posts.

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    Nicole Relyea

    Hi GK - 

    Comments in tickets are considered to be a part of a system of record, meaning that editing would corrupt the integrity of the record, which is why this is not a capability of the ticket system. 

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    Sean Riley

    If it's limited to user (your comments) only comments this would reduce the possibility of manipulation of integrity on behalf of other users.  If you're looking to maintain integrity of the information as a whole this is done through auditing tables in the database, which I would imagine are already present for changes.  Additional tables/triggers may, yes be necessary, but to seemingly hold a strong stance against adding a feature that other competitive systems or even forums (such as this one) have out of the box seems a little disingenuous.  In the published answer to this question, the resolve is to install an app that has been approved in the app marketplace, but could potentially be difficult for assistance with support for issues from Zendesk directly.  So I'm not sure if it's an integrity issue, or a development issue. It appears like the latter since there is a work around in an offered marketplace app. Not trying to be toxic, just stating what appears to be happening here. Lack of this feature is causing inefficiencies and creation of additional junk data in the database, to what seems to be many of your product consumers; judging by a quick search of posts within' the community.

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    Nicole Relyea

    Hey Sean - 

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry that it seems disingenuous; it's not intended to be. I don't have an in-depth knowledge of how the databases work, but all of the information we've been provided is that this decision was made in order to maintain integrity of records and avoid issues like a problem agent editing or deleting their own comments in a thread, or the discrepancies that would exist between a thread and the email notifications automatically generated, just to name a couple of the many issues editing comments would create. 

    My understanding is that the redaction app was designed to allow for things like credit card numbers and sensitive information to be hidden, while maintaining the integrity of the comment as a whole.

    We realize that this system creates challenges for some users. As with every development issue, we have to weigh the pros of developing a feature with the cons, and in this case, maintaining the integrity of the records and consistency with the email notifications (among other things and despite the problems that that system may have) outweighs the many and significant problems that allowing edits would create. 

    I hope that helps. I know it's not the answer you're hoping for, but I assure you that our teams have given the requests to edit comments a lot of though over a lot of time and believe this to be the best solution for the time being. 




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    George Mogilevsky

    yea, when an agent makes a comment, the customer (requester) is notified by email. they have the reply in "writing" then they act on it. meanwhile the agent goes and changes his comment. someone can and will try to beat the system that way. 

    so it is not because zendesk cannot make the feature of editing the comment available. of course they can. rather because they want to maintain the integrity of the comments, they don't. it is more from the legal and moral standpoint than anything.

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