Can I edit closed tickets?

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  • Chad

    Are there any plans to change this rule? I definitely see why it's important, but we have some tag/custom field updating we wanted to make but it would essentially split all of our data. There are some no-so-elegant solutions that we would very much prefer not to have to do.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Chad! Welcome to the Community!

    If you haven't seen it already, we have a very active thread about this in our Product Feedback topic. One of our Product Managers weighed in on it recently to let folks know that we're evaluating whether this is something that would actually be feasible for us to implement at some point.

    If you're willing, it would be great if you could hop over there to share your detailed use case. That kind of input really helps us understand that problem that this type of change would solve for our customers. :)

  • Don Wood

    Is there no way to update from the back-end?  As we evolve in our product and support thereof, we want to capture trends. In some cases the data is missing form the ticket or is a a new data point we need.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Don, 

    Unfortunately, there isn't. Tickets are effectively rendered as a read-only file once closed. 

  • Charles Wood

    Don, there's always a way. However, the cost of implementation may be too great, or there's an overriding business reason not to do it.

  • Judd Higgins

    Zendesk needs to, at the bare minimum, open up Closed tickets to allow editing of tags.  There are so many other reasons and needs for editing Closed tickets, but after just recently implementing this system and importing all of our data and now not being able to modify or merge tags is a Support Lead nightmare having duplicate tags that I cannot deal with.  Even Helpscout had this feature and it was as easy as 2 clicks to merge tags.

    The above linked Community Thread has been a Feature Request for over 10 years now.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Judd, thank you for your feedback.

    The product team is currently evaluating the idea of allowing for editing of tags on closed tickets. This means they're sorting out what it would take to enable that, what the potential risks would be, etc. We will continue to update the product feedback thread as we have more information.

  • Jon Rosenberg

    I also would like to see the editing of closed tags. In a small organization, it takes time to flesh things out and figure out your best practices. I want to be able to go through old tickets to change tags or ticket fields so that I can pull out the data that I need. 


    For the time being, could you create a follow-up ticket and add an internal note? would that trigger an email to the customer?

  • Nicole Casper

    I'm in the same position as Jon above. We rolled out Zendesk recently and determine how we want to tag/organize our tickets. I'd love to go back and do a clean up, namely for Organizations and Tags

  • Martijn van der Linden

    Hi, Nicole - Community Manager. 


    Do you already have an update regarding the editing of tags on closed tickets? 

  • Sally Evans

    Hi Nicole,

    Is there an update regarding this?.  I have read the ongoing discussion via the below link and want to add my vote to express my support for this request.



  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Sally,

    At this time, we have no new announcement to make on this integration of this to our current product, roadmap. But I would suggest continuing to post your feedback so our developers can consider it for future feature updates.

    Best regards.

  • Scott T

    Hi all, short-time reader, first-time poster.

    This would be a tremendously useful feature for me. Where I work, we only recently implemented Zendesk. Until we ramp up building KB articles in Guide (90% of which will be internal use only), our tickets are our knowledge base. Our products are complicated, networked to multiple other complicated devices, some made by us, some not.

    There are three main issues I have with not being able to edit tickets after they are closed:

    • There are some ticket where a solution appears to be successful and is closed, but the problem comes back. If Agents search the system, they'll find an incorrect answer. I'd like to at least flag the solution as incomplete/incorrect. Ideally I'd like to add internal note, linking to the ticket with the correct solution. Clicking through followup tickets to see what they say is too unwieldy, since we have follow-ups for other reasons.
    • I would like to implement a process to summarize tickets (some at least) at the top of the ticket. Some solutions involve dozens of internal and external comments by the time they are complete. It may be a massive undertaking to read through the thread and get a sense of it. We frequently won't have the bandwidth to write a summary within the 48-hour Solved -> Closed window.
    • When we do get the KB articles going, I'd like to be able to put a link to the relevant article at the top of associated tickets.

    Granted, none of these require the addition to be a normal "Internal Note". Some other editable field, e.g. Followup Info would be fine, but that seems like it would be more work.



  • Scott T

    Ok, scrap the above... I had an idea that's even better, based on the last paragraph in my previous post. A sort of perpetually editable executive summary field pinned to the top of each ticket in the GUI.

    I currently have a particularly stubborn ticket with several people proposing hypotheses and testing. It's hard for me to keep straight, and it's my ticket. Good luck for another agent or manager to quickly determine the status.

    If I could keep a running summary at the top, it would be a dream.

    Since this could be handled in a separate table linked to tickets, it shouldn't matter if they're closed. No need to unlock closed tickets.

    Super-bonus, I can't imagine* why this extra object couldn't also contain supplemental or replacement tags, satisfying all the people in that thread. (*perhaps a limit of my imagination)

    I think I saw something about a feature suggestion page. I'll try to go find that now.

  • Scott T

    Ok, reading furthervthrough the mega-thread, I see that it became about the many (valid) reasons people don't want permanently closed tickets. I +1'ed. My idea may help in some cases, but I think the ability to re-open closed tickets is must-have.

    Perhaps it might help if you could provide a basic description of *why* tickets are permanently closed at the end of that thread, after comments were closed. It might already be there, but I haven't yet read all 260 comments. I will eventually.

  • Cara Graham

    Two years later.. the issue remains :( Can Zendesk at least suggest some workarounds for this issue? As mentioned above, being able to retrospectively edit tags and custom fields is super important as best practices develop in a growing team. 

  • Gerry Mataia

    omg Zendesk....... 


    Your competitors ie ServiceNow and HubSpot already have this feature enabled as standard. 

  • Audrey Baudin

    Please allow agent to edit Closed tickets.

  • Flavio Zazzetta


    any news about that? you even closed this tread

    it is ridiculous. shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Flavio- 

    The product team evaluated the request and determined that this is not something they are able to work on for the foreseeable future. We closed the thread as the final decision was made on the request not to pursue it. 

    They remain aware that this is something users would like to see, and if it is something they are eventually able to pick up, we will resume collecting feedback from users on the request. 

  • Flavio Zazzetta

    Dear Nicole,

    thank you for your reply. More than 10 years, hundreds of claims and the product team still don't understand the feature is essential?


    Do you know what I should do if I am not able to edit a closed ticket? ..... Well, I have to delete it. Does it sounds a good solution for you or Zendesk product team? I will lose all the information in the ticket.

    I should have the possiblity to edit the ticket, since there are batch running every hour that synchronized our internal software with Zendesk,.

    Many customer, as the company I work with, pay thousands euro every years to renew Zendesk license and is not acceptable your answer:

    " if it is something they are eventually able to pick up, we will resume collecting feedback from users on the request. "


  • Flavio Zazzetta

    Ignoring customer is one of your main policy?

  • Jiri Kanicky

    Closed tickets should be editable by automation or at least API. We often make design changes and we need to adjust historical data on all tickets.

    I don't understand how you cannot let customers edit their own data!

    Basically I am not able to provide accurate historical reports without being able to update data on old tickets.

    Great customer approach. All customers just need to leave this platform that you understand that customers should be able to edit their own data.

    Another reason to migrate off this platform.

  • Sonia Radaelli

    Hi Jiri,

    Could you please share with us an example on how you use automation to edit a closed ticket or an api instruction.

    I need for example to remove a tag from a closed ticket.


  • Rich Shupe

    This is critical to us as a Zendesk customer.

  • Gatis Bertmanis

    Yeah, need to enable closed ticket editing, for the most reasonable, to unassign from assignee old tickets.

    Second, cases rises when the agent can not see other agent tickets in profile view, because there are more than 24'000 tickets, and then it shows "There are no tickets in this view". And it is caused by this huge amount of tickets, and the system can not proceed with it or takes a lot of time to load all tickets.

    Another solution would be, to allow to make a ticket filter in profile ticket view, to shows by default only, for example, last 6 month tickets, not a full load of all tickets.

  • Rich Shupe

    Editing tags... there are many reasons.

    I can't speak definitively yet, because we're still evaluating the replacement software we'll be moving to, but I'm not sure if many/any others have this limitation. JIRA doesn't, for example, which I mention simply because we use that internally.

  • Justyna Pultowicz

    Here also requested:

    I put in another usecase to why this is a feature needed. I can go out of my way to make what I want work, but it feels like there should be an easier way of doing this...

  • Scott T

    There are multiple threads related to the inability to edit closed tickets and I've read most, if not all of them. One thing I have not found is the reason why this change hasn't been implemented. Many of the justifications provided by customers are deal-breakers. There are many things I like about Zendesk but, based on this shortcoming alone, I would not recommend it.

    My guess is that closed tickets are set to read-only in the database for performance reasons. Is my guess correct or is there something else?

  • Nazir Kabbani

    Workaround? create a automation the opens then solves tickets every 20 days so they never stay solved for 28 days until the cut off of your choosing (repeat 20 days automation many times?)


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