How does Zendesk handle Reply-To?

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  • Artur Teixeira

    Hello Anna,

    I'm having an issue with this, even though our email goes from a noreply address, our reply_to is another email.

    When sent from Zendesk, I found that the ReplyTo is not actually superseeding the From, and as such, emails are being sent to noreply.

    Did something change?

  • James Sanford

    Hey Artur!

    Oftentimes for issues of this nature there is something else that has occurred other than a change to this functionality.  It will be best to troubleshoot this with specific examples of what you are seeing.

    I've created a ticket #4163339 for you so we can start investigating this with you, please keep an eye out in your email for that response - thanks!

  • Zendesk Triboo


    I need the possibility to set Reply-To to the emails that are sending with triggers in this way:

    "Assistenza Ecommerce" is our partner. If the partner answer the email the answer come back to us again. But if I set the message Reply-To to the requester email when the partner answer, this answer  come to the right addressee.

    As simple as that.

    I hope my explanation was clear.



  • Madison Davis
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Maria, thanks for sharing! To be clear, you'd like your partner Assistenza Ecommerce to be able to reply to the requester of a ticket directly?

  • Sergey Khaladzinski

    This seem to be working fine for us, where we relay incoming messages to zendesk. In the process of relaying we changing From header (always same for all messages that arrive to Zendesk), but preserve original requester's email in Reply-To header. 

    Zendesk seem to pick up correct email from the Reply-To header during Ticket creation, but we see that each new message is flagged because From and Reply-To are different. Is there a way to disable that warning?


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